Be Spectacular!

Hi there! How are you doing? Today, let’s talk about specs!

Now when I say specs I don’t mean the specification or requirements of the person you’d like to date although I’m in the TFRH gang all the way (Tall Fair Rich and Handsome😋). By specs, I actually mean glasses, spectacles.

I’d like to believe that I’m not the only one who fantasized about wearing a pair of glasses when I was younger. You probably did too right? Some of us even went to extreme lengths by trying to actually create the fault in our eyes based on the myths such as by eating too much garri, reading with dim light, or watching a lot of TV with our faces literarily glued to the screen. I for one did this bit and often times my Dad would chastise me saying ‘Why are you so close to the TV, do you want to spoil your eyes?’ In my mind I’ll just be smiling like ‘you donno, you donno, you donno wah eez going on’😂. Everything ended in tears though as my eyes refused to have problems but then I ask myself why? Why did we want so badly to have glasses then?

Well, it was probably because of our belief that those who wear glasses are the smart ones, the brilliant crew, the geniuses! And who doesn’t want to be regarded as a genius?🤷

As we grew we knew better and the desperation to have a pair of glasses ceased but lately that desperation has come over me again and this time it’s not because I want to look smart (although it’s an added advantage) but because specs make me look good and I’m pretty sure they’d look really cool on a whole spec like you too.

I’m telling you though, specs, glasses, shades, whatever you wish to call them — are a must-have fashion item. I mean you can’t go wrong with them because they go with every kind of outfit and they really do accentuate the eyes in such a beautiful way. You wanna go with the corporate look, they complement it well. Oh it’s casual you wanna go with?, No problemo, they even go with fancy looks for parties too. With the right pair of specs, you could look like a boss, you could look chic, cute, cool, sophisticated, anything! They come in so many fun colours and shapes too and they permit both male and females to slay!

Specs with photochromic lenses are the trend now. Photochromic lenses are optical lenses that darken on exposure to light of sufficiently high frequency, most especially the ultraviolet rays. In the absence of the activating light, the lenses return to their clear state. It is very functional and I for one see it as a two in one type deal.

Thanks to Charis, anytime I think spec I think ‘See People with the Eyes of Christ’, smart, isn’t it? Especially since it goes so well with the theme of the eyes. It merely means see and focus on the good side of people, and not to be so judgemental ( just throwing this in though😊).

I’m just going to go ahead and say that you should get yourself some specs or shades. It’s a win-win really, not only do you look good, but they also afford your eyes protection from dust and the intense rays of the sun. The way the sun shines these days even seems to me as though it’s saying ‘Look boo, I feel like turning up the heat, I’m in the mood to shine real bright and there’s no way I’m going to turn down my shine for nobody. If it’s too much for you, don’t throw me shade just go get some shades’.

So my dear, listen to the sun and go get yourself a pair of specs and be a spec, yeah that’s right, be spectacular!😆

I’m sorry, this post just really felt incomplete without a picture of Marsai, she is my queen of specs and she’s hella fine soooo, you’re welcome.

See you next time, lots of love


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