“babe, you are looking much younger these days “

yeah, that never really fails to serve as a good compliment to everyone of us especially when we reach a certain age and the insatiable desire to be “young again” sets in. We most often than not grace such compliments with a soft smile, maybe a light chuckle, “ha ha ha” we let out, coupled with “really?? You don’t mean it! “ . We engage in various activities to defy aging, it’s not being obsessive, we just prefer our smooth skin without the constant threat of being completely taken over by the creeping lines of wrinkles.
The beautiful thing about seeking an appearance that makes it look like you probably swam in the fountain of youth is the healthy lifestyle needed to be inculcated in other to achieve this appearance and sustain it; like eating healthy which also has other benefits asides from giving a youthful glow. Hence, it’s not only about the looks but the good health inherent from such measures also. There are simple ways to go about this which I would like to share. Afterall, the world would be a better place without having to listen to the constant nagging about the cruelty of Mr “aging” from those dear to us, no?
For many people, one of the perks of living a healthy lifestyle is looking younger than their years. Such healthy habits include:
√Take plenty of water: it has been discovered that dehydration no matter how little reduces the efficiency of body functions which takes a toll on the skin and makes it appear dull, flaky, saggy and loose.
√Take foods with healthy properties :our diet should include fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Foods with antioxidants such as blueberries, spinach, nuts, purple grape, dark chocolate (70% or more of cocoa),organic green tea,also play a vital role because they reduce damage to the body and inflammation which is the leading cause of wrinkles.Highly processed foods should be avoided.
√Avoid sugar: sugar damages collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles
√Regular exercises :exercises allow better circulation of blood and releases body toxins through sweat, and a body free of toxins gives a clearer and firmer skin. Smiling for the face is also key, being the easiest exercise.
√Avoid smoking and drink in moderation.

2.LIMIT SUN EXPOSURE :It is true that vitamin D are beneficial but too much causes damages for the body.Hence, we should try our best to stay out of the sun, wear sunglasses when outdoors and use zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreens.
3.PROTECT YOUR HANDS : The back of hands reveals a person’s age more than the face or neck by developing wrinkles and age spots sooner than the rest of the body. We can protect our hands with the use of hand lotions to keep hands supple and shielded from the sun.
4.USE NATURAL SKIN PRODUCTS : Natural skin products are more advisable in order to reduce the amount of exposure of the skin to toxic chemicals. Also, before purchasing our moisturizers and make up we should endeavor to check their ingredients and ensure that they are safe.
5.CLEANSE THE BODY: A lot of factors are responsible for the build up of toxins in the body, especially the air, food and water we consume which causes damage to the body and aging. Detoxifying the body is thereby essential to enable the body focus on energy production activities and elimination of toxins, this can be achieved by juice cleanse or an early morning glass of water with squeezed lemon.
6.ENGAGE IN STRESS RELIEVING ACTIVITIES : After working for long ours on end, dedicating time to relax and just regain lost strength is essential for achieving an healthy glow. Such activities include yoga or meditating. Also, cautious effort should be given to only accomodate non problematic people and activities because peace of mind is also an important factor for an healthy living.

7. SLEEP WELL. sleep enables skin rejuvenation,it would be highly beneficial for us if we try to not only sleep for 8hours at night but also make it a very quality one.

Judging from all the aforementioned tips we would realize that having a youthful glow isn’t all about having good genes, our attitudes and habits also go a long way in telling how we would look years to come. So protect yourself from harmful chemicals, imbibe good health habits, have enough sleep, relaxation and exercise and maybe we can prove that a “forever young” glow exists after all.


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