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No Time To Die Has Officially Been Delayed Again

The premiere for ‘No Time To Die’ has officially been postponed again.
For those of us waiting earnestly for the return of our beloved Daniel Craig to the front seat of the 007, this comes as a great disappointment. The release of the movie (the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise) was initially scheduled for next month. However, the franchise has moved the movie release into next year. It sites the health and safety of its fans as the reason for this, due to the ongoing pandemic that has caused more than a fair share of problems this year.
According to several reports, the highly anticipated movie will be released on April 2, 2021. To put things into perspective for movie enthusiasts, April 2, 2021, is the same day the blockbuster 9th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise was supposed to be released.

Fast And Furious 9 Has Been Delayed Again

This year has seen the movie industry take so many hits. Many movie releases have been pushed into next year, and the same happened with the upcoming Fast and Furious 9. The release date of the movie, however, has been pushed up further into next year. It was initially set to debut on April 2, 2021. However, it has been moved to May 28, 2021.

Avatar 2 Is Changing The Na’vi In An Intriguing Way

Everyone is aware that in Avatar, the Na’vi are the blue giants native to the planet Pandora. They share a deep connection to their environment and nature as a whole to the extent of being able to connect with it with their hair. In the upcoming Avatar 2, the way the Na’vi communicate will be a little different.

There have been many setbacks. However, production for Avatar 2 continues to move forward. It was initially supposed to be released in 2015; however, it has experienced lots of setbacks and is currently set to be released on December 17, 2021.

The first movie in the franchise mostly portrayed the jungle of Pandora, the second movie is set to concentrate on bodies of water on the planet. This is based on the fact that James Cameron has done lots of underwater filming.

The new way of communication that will be used by the Na’vi is due to their exploration of water bodies. They will have to depend on using sign language to communicate while in the water.

There is a lot to expect from the second installment to the former highest-grossing movie of all time. However, fans will have to wait until next year to feast their eyes on what they have been waiting for. This still depends on the absence of any more setbacks.

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