My Opinion on Abortion

Before going into details on why I feel abortion should be legal, I must put forward some important facts.

Abortion in the simplest form is simply an induced miscarriage or the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the early weeks of pregnancy.

It’s also important to state that abortion is completely safe unless there’s an underlying condition or if not handled properly by a medical expert.

In the case of abortion, there are two bases of discussion. The first opinion by most people is that abortion is entirely wrong and it’s inhumane. The second argument given by those who support abortion declares abortion as a right of every woman and considers it ethical.

To be very sincere, I believe one of the significant reasons abortion looks unethical and wrong in some people’s perspective is probably because they make their judgments based on their religious principles. The two major religious circles (Christians and Muslims) frown against abortion, and this biased judgment is what’s taken into the society by some set of people that frowns against abortion, without considering individuals who do not succumb to their religious rules. The world is a public space, and we shouldn’t make decisions based on our individual religious beliefs alone. The truth is that by removing religious beliefs from this argument, these set of people do not have any concrete reason against abortion.

Also, when we talk about abortion, it’s necessary to consider the fact that while you don’t want to tamper with the “so-called rights” of the “unborn child,” we don’t also want to ignore the truth that the RIGHT of the WOMAN to life and other related Rights are also being threatened. You don’t want to see a 14-year-old’s expectations and ambitions jeopardized because of a child that may not even be as a result of mutual consent.

The truth is that before anyone concludes on taking an abortion, she must have given it a second thought. Having abortion provides people with an opportunity to correct for their past errors, start afresh and realign their life into what they want them to be.

Another strong argument by those against abortion is that there’s no basis for abortion. If the mother is not interested in the child, she can always give up her child’s care to an orphanage home. But not everyone would be satisfied with this option. What if the child is a result of a rape case? How do you expect the mother to feel whenever she sees the child? It’ll surely remind her of the past. Have you thought about the mental health of this child too? What do you expect the child’s reaction to be if told that they are a product of rape or an unplanned pregnancy — a mistake? That’s definitely going to be rough.

Another truth is that whether abortion is legalized or not, people will still get it either from a professional or from a quack medical personnel which can even put their lives in danger. Why don’t we legalize abortion, make life easy for everyone, and reduce the number of women that’ll have to knock on heaven’s gate because of an unprofessional abortion?

Honestly, left to me, I believe that abortion should be legalized and even cost-free in every country. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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