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Hello Dear Readers,

MediVoice is trying out a new addition to our publications for your reading pleasure. Every Monday, you can expect a piece from one of our writers sharing their opinion on a popular issue.

This week, I’ll be kicking off this new publication with my opinion on opinions. I know that sounds weird, but stay with me for a minute.

One day this past week when pathology posting got really boring, my mind drifted away from autoimmunity (or was it hypersensitivity) and towards thoughts. There’s so little that we know about the human mind, so I began to wonder where exactly our thoughts and opinions come from. I used to be of the opinion that they were solely a product of environment and this idea made perfect sense because of how impressionable children are and how much people can hold on to their ideas.

Recently though, I’ve had to backtrack and notice situations where people grow up with ideas that are completely different from those around them. It feels weird and unlikely that there would be a sort of genetic predisposition to certain thoughts, but it also doesn’t seem like they’re always entirely environmental. Right now, I’m definitely tilting towards away from the environmental factors towards the possibility that some people are just naturally more curious and opinionated.

I would like to hear from readers. Tell me what you think in the comments and check back here next Sunday for our next publication.

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  • When you notice some people are quite curious from a tender age and quite opinionated regardless of their environment and are different from other members of their family.
    You could question both genetics and environment and wonder if there is a third factor.

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