Pounded Yam or Poundo Yam: Opinions and Facts

Poundo yam or Pounded yam?

Have you ever been at the crossroads of deciding which of these two to send down tummy town? Thoughts about the stress, taste, and resources?

Well, come with me, let’s take a stroll down foodie street. We’re going to be reviewing and accessing opinions from students from various departments in Obafemi Awolowo University. I will also be putting forward facts on these two meals.

N.B: Poundo Yam and pounded yam look and appear the same.

Step into my virtual kitchen, it’s going to be a short, bumpy, and exciting ride.


This is a traditionally and locally made dish all over Nigeria. It is popularly called “Iyan” in the South Western part of Nigeria where it is mostly consumed. This delicacy is made from rhythmically pounding boiled yams until it attains a semi-mashed texture.

The fact that someone used muscles on the boiled yams makes it much better than poundo. Just try to imagine the fluffy feel of pounded yam when you touch it. Poundo is just flour.

Ojo Oluwatishe (Electrical Engineering dept.)

Pounded yam is consistent over a variety of temperatures, while poundo has different textures at different temperatures. Also, I love the sight of yam fibres in my pounded yam. What’s the difference between poundo and semo?

Daniel Agbooade (Building Dept)
Learn how to make pounded yam here

Pros of Pounded Yam

  1. It is natural.
  2. Absence of preservatives.
  3. It contains a healthy amount of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, etc.
  4. It is a meal for all occasions.

Pounded yam tastes pounded yam-ish, the way it should. Poundo yam is just “ugggh” – white yam flour.

Pelumi Sobayo (Medicine and Surgery Dept.)

Cons of Pounded Yam

  1. Preparation is strenuous, requiring a lot of energy.
  2. It is time-consuming.
  3. Pounding it requires know-how.


This is a variant of the famous pounded yam. The need for it arose from the need to provide a quick, less strenuous form of the meal. It consists of industry manufactured and packaged yam flour.

Poundo yam is prepared by pouring the processed yam flour into a pot of boiling water, and stirring till the desired texture is attained.

I prefer poundo yam to pounded yam any day and anytime, because it is smoother, requires less energy, and tastes better. Also, it is always warm while pounded yam gets cold easily.

Ridwan Adeyeba (Building Dept.)

There’s a lot of controversy on whether poundo should be regarded as a variant of pounded yam or as another meal entirely.

Learn how to prepare poundo yam here

I think they both look and taste the same, just that poundo yam is smoother.

Temitope Ilesanmi (Agriculture Dept.)

Pros of Poundo Yam

  1. Easy to prepare – requires less energy.
  2. It has several nutrients added for good health.
  3. Preparation is not time-consuming.
  4. It requires little or no technical know-how.

I have nothing against poundo yam, but my only issue is the fact that it is compared with pounded yam. So, no one should ever prepare poundo yam because pounded yam is stressful – eat them as 2 different meals. The taste is the difference, the difference is the taste.

Lawal Abdulrahman (Medicine and Surgery Dept.)

Pounded yam tastes like yam, and is more satisfying. Though, poundo yam is a good substitute, it has an industrial taste attached to it.

Ifeoluwapo Bada & Iyinoluwa Adeoye (Medicine and Surgery Dept.)

Cons of Poundo Yam

  1. Poundo yam is not 100% natural, it contains preservatives.
  2. It does not last long after been prepared.
  3. Unlike its natural counterpart, it lacks the satisfying feel and taste.

From the look of things, the only argument of the pro-pounded yam sect against poundo yam is the taste and the obvious fact that people don’t like to deviate from a routine way of doing things.

There’s nothing much to say, pounded yam is better, sweeter. It is original, poundo is fake🌚. I rest my case😌.

Esther Ojo (Medicine and Surgery Dept.)

Have you eaten any of these two meals before? Talk to us in the comment section. If you haven’t, take a stroll to the nearest store or restaurant and get it. We await your comments. 😊😊

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