Edible Gift Ideas

I bet you didn’t know you could gift someone a food item or a combination of food items and it would be well-received, appreciated and even gushed about for years to come. It’s just a matter of how you present it.

Edible gifts as the name implies are food items that can serve as gifts. They may be associated with a specific holiday just like easter eggs for easter, treats for Halloween, valentine cakes and chocolates, candy canes for Christmas etc. One amazing thing about this type of gift is that everyone can have them! They are not limited by age, gender, etc because everyone eats..dhuurr!. And they’re also pretty affordable compared to most other gift items. Also if your recipient is a food lover, it’s a plus!

In addition, edible gifts send a strong message of love and appreciation so they are perfect to give anyone, such as your lover, best friend, parents, boss, pastor, etc. Below are some edible gift items you can consider sending to surprise someone special this week. You can prepare them at home or order them from any catering service but be sure to package it well along with something cute like a hand written note, or a gift card.

  1. Cake:

    You can never go wrong with cake! It’s always a perfect gift for a birthday celebration, valentine day, Christmas, a graduation ceremony, etc in the form of a celebration cake or even a box of cupcakes. It doesn’t matter if the person has ordered ahead already and if they didn’t get, you can always put the C in celebration for them with a thoughtful cake box that would leave them “awwning” and “yayyying” for all of eternity….lol

  2. A Box of Chocolate:

    Ever hear that chocolates are a girl’s best friend? (after diamonds of course!..lol). Which is why you should send that special someone a box of something sweet to put a smile on their face today!

  3. Food Hamper:

    Remember those fancy baskets with all sorts of provisions like a tin of milk, cookies, juice boxes like Chivita, cereal, etc., that someone sent to your family sometime ago? I bet you were overjoyed to see it being unwrapped knowing that there’ll be an avalanche of your favourite goodies for weeks to come. You can gift your mum or even your boss a hamper that contains some of their favourite food, fruit or even snack items as a show of appreciation on their birthday, for mother’s day or for bosses day.

  4. Small chops platter (Finger-foods):

    Small chops also generally known as finger foods include foods like barbecue, asun, samosa, spring rolls, chicken and chips, etc. It’s perfect for lovers of savoury food. And as for the chicken or barbecue, I’m all for it if you ever decide to gift me one!..lol

  5. Food trays:

    These became popular recently and have soon proven to be a people’s favourite. It’s just like a hamper only that they contain the readily edible foods. Just try picturing a large tray loaded with food and snacks combinations, eg jollof and fried rice with chicken, small chops, fruits and nuts, pastries, etc.

  6. Wine:

    Dad, Pastor, Boss, Friend, In-law, anyone of these people would appreciate a bottle of their favourite red wine or a non-alcoholic fruit wine. Very simple, thoughtful, and mature. Who doesn’t like free food? I bet your recipient would enjoy one of these over a birthday card, airtime or even cash.

But before you exit this site, you can answer any of these two questions as I’ll love to hear from you:

What other edible gift ideas can you suggest and recommend?

Since garri is the new powdered gold, do you think you can gift someone garri? And how would you package it?..lol

What other edible gift ideas can you suggest and recommend?

Love y’all. And see you next time!.

11 replies on “Edible Gift Ideas”

  • Garri isn’t a bad idea actually😂😂
    Addictives like sugar,milk, groundnut or you can add money for fried fish, i like them hot so i’ll do the buying myself😂😂

  • i’ve seen a movie where the girl prayed for garri as a gift before and she got it😂…. , I guess it is okay for those who can’t do without garri and for the elderly if it’s a whole sack, along with other edibles of course

  • LoL.. sure it is!. After all it’s the thoughts behind it that matters. And especially when it’s for someone who is really into garri and all it’s “sides” like, milk, fish, groundnuts, etc…

  • You can package the garri in a food tray with fish, groundnuts, milk, sugar, moin-moin, etc. Some people love those kinda special “cassava-flakes” yunno😋😋….kinda like cornflakes but African😂😂

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