You may think I invited you in,
with my kind words
and a cheeky grin

  • Emma Elisabeth Wood (excerpt from kind words and grins)

Of all crimes committed against a person, rape is the one that leaves a person feeling the most violated. For so long, the victims are made to feel at fault. Mostly, by remarks made on how the lady is portrayed. Regardless of who is at fault, the question is, why do it? A wide comparison, but imagine a random individual coming up to you and chopping your arm off. Basically, taking a part of you without consent, with the scars left to tell the story.

Here is a poem by kai, on the subject.

Red Oak Tree
Tried to wash the scars embedded on me
Submerged the voices that left me haunted
Drowned the visions from the tall red oak tree
Remembering when you asked to “flaunt it”

I tried to scream, but choked on nonsense words
Your malevolent laughs replays in my mind
No evidence, but me and the blue birds
How hard is it for one to just be kind?

You left me with pain, you left me to cry
I can never get my innocence back
Yet, I still love you, but I don’t know why
I may not remember all that happened,
But my body does, my body remembers it all

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