Smartest Animals In The Animal Kingdom

Intelligence has always been a trait that distinguishes man from other animals. However, animals should not be mistaken to be just dumb beats.

From the sky to the deep ocean, the animal kingdom possess their very own Einsteins showing remarkable problem-solving skills, communication skills, and self-awareness.

On this blog, we’ve seen some of the weirdest animals in the animal kingdom, those with strange mating habits, and have even seen animals named after celebrities. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at the top ten smartest animals in the animal kingdom. (Some may even be smarter than me.)

10. Rats

If you’ve ever had rats in your home, you would not be surprised to find them on this list.  You’d know of their cunning and trickery and know how hard it is to find one. Rats have been known to navigate through complex puzzles and have remarkable memories ( No wonder they always know how to find hide all my snacks.) 

Rats are extremely good at learning and understanding concepts. They are constantly adapting to changing situations. They have good social skills and have been found to liberate captive rats. Rats can recognize and respond to their names when called. Moreso, they communicate through touch, smell, and frequencies we can’t hear. 

And according to the movie Ratatouille, asides being among the smartest animals, they are also excellent chiefs.

9. Octopuses

If you weren’t already creeped out by Octopuses, here’s another reason to be: They are one of the smartest animals in the sea. Octopuses can navigate through complex mazes and solve problems quickly. Also, they have been observed opening the lids of jars. If you ever need help opening a jar, you know who to call.

Furthermore, captive octopuses have been known to escape captivity with plans involving several steps, such as squeezing through drain pipes to reach the Pacific Ocean.

In the deep sea, they are tricky and clever hunters micking nearby objects like rocks and grasses to hunt prey or evade predators.

8. Pigeons

Ever heard the term “Bird Brain?” Well, it definitely doesn’t apply to this bird. Pigeons have remarkable memory, being able to recognize people and places over a long period. For this reason they became our very first mailmen.  Also, Pigeons able to understand commands and instructions from humans.

In addition, pigeons can recognize all 26 letters of the English alphabet, and they are one of the few animals known to pass the mirror test.

7. Crows

If you ever feel like a crow is watching you, it probably is. Crows often observe humans and can distinguish one human from the other. They have remarkable memories and have been known to keep grudges against humans that offended them.  To the crow I saw last week, I’m sorry for throwing a rock at you.

It is also important to know that crows have the largest brains among birds and are some of the few non-primates that make use of tools, such as using sticks or hooks to take insects out of logs.

Crows have excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills that rival that of a 7-year-old ( I probably wasn’t as smart as a crow when I was 7.) They have been seen to drop nuts on roads so that oncoming traffic can crush them, then pick them up when it is safe. Crows have also been seen to play games and tricks with one and other.

6. Pigs

Don’t let their proclivity for food and dirt fool you, pigs are among the smartest animals that exist. They have been considered by animal experts to be more trainable than dogs or cats. These smart animals are able to recognize themselves in mirrors at only 6 weeks old. 

Pigs understand instructions given to them by humans and have been taught to play video games with joysticks. They have over 20 different sounds that they use to communicate, and mother pigs sing to their children when feeding (I’m sure her favourite song is Three Little Pigs)

Pigs have also been know to show empathy towards themselves and other animals. 

5. Elephant

Elephants have the intelligence to back up their big sizes. They have the largest brain among land animals. These animals have been known to play games with each other and humans.

Elephants are also extremely empathetic towards themselves and other species. They have also been observed to mourn their dead and perform burial rites.

Elephants understand human commands, they can imitate the sounds of humans and other elephants . They use tools and even medicate themselves, feeding on various plants to cure illness and even induce labour( I wonder if Elephants can get high.)

4. African Grey Parrots

This list of smartest animals would be incomplete without involving the African Grey Parrots. They can imitate human speech and have mastered a huge vocabulary of up to a hundred words and phrases.  (I barely even know 50 words.) They understand the meaning of many words they mimic and use them in context, this shows an advanced level of comprehension.

These parrots are considered to be the smartest bird species. They possess excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills, solving complex puzzles.

African Grey Parrots are highly social animals forming deep bonds with other members of their flocks and human caregivers. They can perform acts of affection like kissing, cuddling and even dancing. They are playful animals who enjoy a variety of toys and activities. 

3. Orangutans

It’s no surprise that this orange mammal is on our list. We share about 97% of our DNA with them. Orangutans have been known to communicate with people and each other using sounds and sign language.

They have also been observed to use sticks to catch fish and leaves to increase the volume their voice. Researchers have witnessed these apes learn to wash clothing, use hammers and even brush their teeth themselves- all these were learned simply by watching humans.

2. Bottlenose Dolphins

Dolphins are smarter than almost every other creature on the planet. They are also extremely social animals and like to enjoy themselves. They often play games with each other and humans.

Bottle Nosed Dolphins possess a sophisticated language unique to their species, they switch to a common language when they encounter other dolphin species. Dolphins can also understand human instructions. (We don’t even understand dolphin language, yet makes you wonder who the smarter one really is?) 

They have also been known to cooperate with humans, evenly rescuing injured or drowning divers.

1, Chimpanzees

Walk with me. Maybe, just maybe, Rise Of the Planet of the Apes was based on a true story. At the top of are list, sits another primate.Chimpanzees who share 98% of our DNA are undoubtedly one of the smartest animals on earth.

Chimps have been known to use psychological techniques within their own families, they will manipulate others to accomplish certain tasks. Furthermore, these primates can learn sign language. Scientists have discovered adult chimps teaching their young sign languages even when they were not prompted to by humans.

Moreso, they have amazing memory skills, young chimps have been known to outperform young stud short memory-based tests.

In the wild, chimps have been seen to use tools to crack open nuts and make spears to hunt. Caeser, I know you’re out there somewhere.

So, that’s all we have for today. If you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to leave a comment and share with your friends.

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