Ten Signs Your Class is in the Incourse Season🌩️

It’s incourse season. And you would have been noticing too: classmates suddenly go low-key; discussion groups that were dead spring to life; materials you never knew of start popping up.

“Idan”, “Baddie”, but one small Incourse next week you start doing overnight. What happened to ‘Idan no dey fear idanwo’? I’m still coming back to you people’s case.

In college, you can tell when a class enters the incourse season. Here are 10 (and 1) signs your class has entered fastlane.

  1. New Materials popping out of nowhere

In fact, some materials are not discovered until the morning of the Incourse.

2. Everyone is printing materials

This is usually the most palpable sign of a fast approaching Incourse.

3. Exam memes start flying around on classmates WhatsApp statuses

Different people have their adaptation mechanism, but we can’t deny the importance of the ‘timmies’ and ‘tolus’ of our classes who provide us with those hilarious status updates. Those memes provide comic relief amid all the rogbodiyan & tension associated with preparing for an Incourse in college.

4. Dead discussion groups receive life

That one group that has been dormant for the past 3 month suddenly gets a new message as soon as the exam date is announced.

5. All manners of PQs and QBank making grand entry into the class’ WhatsApp page

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that you must attempt those mcqs. But let’s not talk about how the questions have a way of making us feel like olodo.

6. Whining reduces.

Someone that has 14 materials with an average length of 56 pages to read can’t have time to be yelling “stuff!” in the halls of residence. Students are also generally easy going during this period. Shake too much and stuff can mix up with stoof.

7. Class stabbing enters top gear.

Any class not related to the upcoming Incourse is in oyo. Worse if its a Practical or Dissection – stabbed powerfully.

8. Increased demand for the class’ stufflords

This increased demand is transient and returns to normal when the Incourse is over. Be wise, those leeches just want your stuff.

9. Your phone is feeling like the landing page of a crossbreed between z-library and PDFDrive?

With numerous snapped notes you dare not delete yet? Yeah, welcome to the second most dreaded period in College.

10. College LTs getting filled up at night

You reach HSLTC by 11pm and you can’t find one empty seat. You shouldn’t be told.

11. Bonus- Ocassionally you have that one classmate who asks on the class WhatsApp group if Mr A released any material on Protein Synthesis or whether ‘we did *inserts a topic in physio* in class’. Brother doesn’t come to class. But a fast approaching incourse has a way of breaking you.

What’s the most Incourse-is-near thing you ever notice? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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