The Personality of The Week -Yahaya Isah

Hello there, may we meet you?😃

Hello. My name is Yahaya Isah. A 300L medical student. I am a writer, marketer and financial analyst.

Great! It’s a handful of titles you got there haha. Can you fill us in on your background?

Lol, thank you. It’s a rather long one and I’d kind of appreciate a bit of specificity 😁.

Ohh, okay. We meant where you are from and all😃

Oh! Well, I hail from Benue State and reside in Lagos. I’ve spent well over 17 years living in Lagos. It’s where I did most of the growing up hehe.

You definitely have the Lagosian tag by default haha😂. So any back story to why you chose medicine?

Lol. I just wasn’t born in Lagos I guess.

Why I chose medicine? Hmmm… Looking back, I really don’t think there’s anything special about my pick. My dad was in the medical profession and I grew up watching him. I had already set my mind to follow his footsteps since I was a daddy’s boy then lol.

Well, in high school, I was very keen on research and my friends and I would always discuss a lot. I was fascinated by Neurosurgery then. Did a lot of research and kind of fell in love with the specialty. I’ve been on that path ever since and here we are.

Hmm…Sounds like a clear foresight from inception. So, why OAU by the way?

Lol. I don’t know what to call it but allow me be flattered a bit.

I could say I’ve lived in the west all my life and my parents wanted it to be close, for fear of insecurity — they didn’t want their child far from home. After I graduated, I opted for the university of Ibadan twice which I didn’t get. A good friend of mine, now in part 3 pharmacy, told me about OAU predegree and I decided to give it a try. 

I can say OAU had never really been my first pick but as fate would have it, here I am.

Woah! Not many people have that tenacity in them. It’s gladdening that paid off.

Do you have any side-attracting field aside medicine?

Honestly, I’ve thought of getting multiple degrees at some point — I still think about it. 

If not medicine, I’d probably have gotten a degree in physics or chemistry for my love of research. But most importantly, I love to do research and would want to in any field I find myself, medicine inclusive.

Your love for research is an obvious tell in all your statements. That’s nice!

From your answers, I can deduce you don’t have any regrets about choosing medicine. However, at this level and looking back, would you rather have opted for another institution?

Lol. Thank you.

Yes, I’d have studied abroad when I had the chance. That’s one choice I regret making.

But so far so good, I’ve made friends who have made my rather regrettable stay enjoyable.

Abroad? A lot of folks wouldn’t ditch that haha. It’s cool you’re enjoying it here.

Would you like to share any of those pleasant experiences with us?

Lol, I guess I was young and naive, and my dad wasn’t particularly buying the idea. My mum spearheaded it and you know how men could be.

I don’t think they were spectacular honestly. I had a lot of friends visiting and spending time, and Firdaus, my friend and roommate, made quite a lot memorable. Olusegun, Spino as I fondly call him, would be one I owe too many thanks for a handful of pleasurable memories.

Your friends made it a lot for you to be overwhelmed to even pick one. That’s what euphoria is, I guess.

Conversely, any down moments as a medical student or on campus?

Lol. We mostly meet indoors and discussed things. For someone as boring as myself, I bet that’s the closest to being fun.

Oh! In the past year, there had been a couple of them. A lot took quite the turn for me and readjusting to the difficulties college presented was rather herculean. I did have a lot of moments where I was down but friends did show up to cheer me on. My friends and food(s) have been my antidepressants in the past year😅.

Lovely! This reaffirms why our friends are our backbones.

Also, how are you faring balancing school with work since you got a couple of qualifications?

Indeed! They very much are.

What I’ve been more into the past two years would be writing — I’m a product copywriter. It’s not been any hassle managing since what I do pays quite good for the most minimal efforts, I limit working to just an hour or under daily. I spend some time learning other skills and getting involved in research writing.

I tried my best prioritizing academics whenever needed and took the needed turn learning and earning.

You just made that sound super easy. Yeah, academics are the main focus even when we get engaged with other stuff.

Do you have any favorite courses?

-Lol. In college? I don’t know if there’s a choice but if I’d pick in order, I’d take Physiology, Biochemistry and Anatomy.

Haha. You aren’t taking any chances with any. Interesting! 😃

Coming to IFUMSA, how do you find the running of the association? Any reservations?

Well, one wouldn’t if they wished to get a straight pass. College is quite the jungle!

Lol. If asked, I think I’d be the last person to have an opinion of IFUMSA as I’ve rather not been a part of most activities — always running away.

But I guess IFUMSA, like many organizations, does the essentials to survive and they’d not fall short of criticisms as well. I’d say it’s been run fairly well.

Fair answer. 

However, how do you justify your association-based apathy?

Hmmm… In a way, I’ve been quite away from a lot of activities that would need me be directly involved. While growing up. I’d rather spend the day in than out for an event, a meeting or anything.

Thinking about it now, I realize I’ve not been involved in much growing up lol. So, I’d give that one to my upbringing and not with IFUMSA as an organization.

Hmm…Perhaps you can do a little more participation from now on. Do you have special talents?

Lol. Maybe.

Special talents? I think I suck at everything else most humans are good at😭😭

That’s hilarious. Not a bad one though. Are you in a relationship?

Lmaoo. Can I keep that one out? This particular question makes me rather shy😂

🤣🤣. That’s fine. Are you rather a man who doesn’t have a crush as well? 😂

Lol. Well, I used to for sometime but I dealt with it😅

Ohh! 😅 Anyone you look up to in college?

Honestly I don’t think I know and interact with many outside the class, maybe just the executives.

Wow! Well then, anyone in your class?

Honestly not so much. I really just try to get better at my game. I kind of have so much on my plate and it helps to focus more on myself.

It’s particularly why my circle is limited, time out also and my activities down to just a few.

I live a rather surprising lifestyle and most times, don’t even have the right words to describe it.

Hmm…okay then. Do you have any general view about life?

I’ve a resolve that things would take a turn, whether for better or worse, and that’s just life. Learning to adjust accordingly with a bit of patience and positivity would often do the trick.

Plus I’m very keen on friendships.

Good answer. I’m guessing you belong to the japa clan after your MB.ChB degree, right? 😅

-Right away amigo😂😂😂

🤣🤣. What’s your best quote?

I’d be lying if I say I got any. I ain’t all that sophisticated 😅

Haha. I see…Have you been keeping up with all Medivoice updates?

With the ones Joy has been posting, surely. I do enjoy and read most from her status updates.

They’ve been quite good.

Good! Thanks for that compliment. Anyone you’d like to acknowledge publicly here?

Oh yes! I want to thank my friends Firdaus, Spinoza and Amarachi, they’ve been amazing all year round. And to all the others who’ve in one way put a smile on my face, I say a big thank you as well. I’d not have made it this far without you all.

That’s sweet. It’s the end of the interview and we’re rounding up. Anything else you’d like to chip in?

Other than wanting to thank Medivoice for having me, none.

Thank you so much and I’m honored.

It’s our pleasure. Thank you so much for your time

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