“this is how you fall in love” – Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler.

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Amidst the quiet of the pandemic, Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler have collaborated once again and have dropped a follow-up EP to their first collaborative EP, “brent i,” which was released in 2019.

The lead single of their new collaborative EP, brent ii “this is how you fall in love” arrived on the 15th of January and it arrived with all the feels. It is a romantic, delicate, and tender serenade which came with the superpower to take you to a quiet, contemplative, and soft place, which has a big bright yellow sun against a navy blue sky.

The song features both their voices in a beautiful duet which enhances the experience of the song. Jeremy’s voice in the opening verse paints a picture of serenity and a lazy day in. His lines, “We turn off the phones to just be alone, we’ll draw the curtains and never leave home” are a reminder of the beauty and intimacy in the simplicity of alone time with your partner, one which couldn’t be more timely as we leave the lockdown behind.

Cutler opens up her verse with sage advice from her mother, “what’s easy is right, my mother’s advice” but somehow fails to pack the punch it was meant to deliver. Her verse doesn’t quite match up with the momentum Zucker had been building up in the preceding verse. It didn’t quite fit in the atmosphere of the song.

Every moment in the two verses and chorus builds up to the peak of the song, the simple but amazing bridge where their voices layer each other with echoes to give a dreamlike experience. And with the help of the guitar strumming and drums beating softly in the background, every emotion and feeling is communicated so well.

The strength of the song isn’t in the lyrics or even the vocals, it’s every aspect of the song perfectly blended together to create an amazing experience for the listener where for almost 3 minutes, you’re transported into Jeremy and Chelsea’s world and you can see the world they paint with their lyrics so vividly that you can almost taste the gentle breeze blowing on the day Jeremy describes in his verse at the back of your throat. It’s in the dreamy way the song was delivered that gives you that feeling like you’re walking on clouds and you’re the one who’s in love.

This song goes in a different direction from the usual collaborative efforts of Zucker and Cutler as it’s a love song, not one about a heartbreak. The change to a love song is a welcome switch that we definitely wouldn’t mind again.

This is a song I definitely recommend you listen to, preferably with earbuds or headphones.

Watch the music video here.

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