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People have always debated the necessity of spanking as a method of punishment of children. Some believe that is tantamount to abuse and that infliction of physical pain is never not cruel while others consider it a foolproof method of raising disciplined children. This week, MEDIVOICE decided to ask our readers about their views on spanking.

Question: Should spanking of children to instill discipline be completely frowned upon and considered child abuse?

Nope, it’s not abuse’- Clinton, New Part Five Medicine

No. I think it should be moderate. Moderation differs for people and I feel there should be a proper definition of spanking for children. Nigerian children need it once in a while to put in some reset button in place. It instills a percentage of discipline in them.’- Favour, Part Four Accounting

Yes. It should be frowned at!’- Ayomikun, Part Four Medical Rehabilitation

It’s not o. That igbati you will get from mom de put person brain on factory settings o. On a more serious note, spanking a child is not wrong as long as it’s not extreme.’- Mbah, New Part Five Medicine

Absolutely not. Any form of mild punishment builds character and discipline. They have said one of the major contributors of mass shooting is the lack of conventional discipline not taken by white parents’- Joelyn, New Part Five Medicine

Frown upon wetin. I think parents should know when to beat and when not to use the rod. Used excessively, it is a weapon of destruction and total abuse. But not using the rod isn’t good all the time. Some people say they prefer emotional blackmail used rather than the rod but is it?’- Tosin, Part Six Medicine

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