You Are Drinking Coke; Dey Play.

Different types of carbonated drinks

Drinking Coke or other carbonated drinks in excess has several effects on the body.

You probably feel like closing this page already to avoid triggering any sense of guilt. Read on, chief.😄

Take your time to check out some troublesome (and deadly🙂) effects of excess consumption of carbonated drinks you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Excess Belly Fat

Every morning, you hit the gym and do several routines to get a flat belly. On your way back home, you become thirsty and get a chilled carbonated drink.

Ahhh. This is the perfect example of ruining your progress with your own hands.

The amount of sugar present in one soda can is something I won’t mention as I have decided not to make you scared.

However, you should know that when sugar is converted to glucose, the excess is stored in the body as fat – especially in your abdominal area.

For this reason, the number of reverse crouches and sit ups you do don’t seem to have their effect. Meanwhile, you are the one hindering your progress.

2. Insomnia

You don’t fall asleep till after 2am. It has become a part of you.

What a lie.

When you are not a medical student or a tech bro.

What is keeping you till that time? Let me help you answer that question. It’s either lack of funds – Sapa, as you all know it – or excess consumption of carbonated drinks.

Let me drop some facts so you know I’m not spewing nonsense. Check the ingredients on your favorite soda can. Did you see caffeine or not?

Apparently, that is what is keeping you awake. Caffeine spikes adrenaline levels in the blood while simultaneously hindering sleep-induced chemicals in the brain. Close your mouth now.

3. Depression

Are you the only one with mood swings? Your WhatsApp status is always either gloomy or uninteresting. I mean, can’t you look at your family and thank God for another day? Must it be only annoyance and anger?

Drinking Coke or other carbonated drinks might be one of the reasons you feel that way.

The human brain is very addicted to sugar. Excess sugar spikes dopamine which gives our brain a reason to expect a reward. This is one of the reason you are addicted to soda drinks since your brain expects a reward from the drink.

This might be a refreshing or happy feeling or something else . When you cannot get this sugar to feed and please your brain, you end up in a depressed state.

Turns out not only cigarettes has this effect on the brain.

4. Hair loss

Say, your head is a football pitch. Your hairline is starting from the midfield. Don’t you think something is wrong?

Stop wasting your toothpaste and egg or whatever hack you feel will grow your hair again. Instead, reduce your intake of carbonated drinks.

Although hair loss can be induced by stress, underlying conditions and improper diet, carbonated drinks has been added to the list. This is because when your sugar level is high, it causes a glitch in your blood stream and prevents effective nourishment of your hair follicles.

5. Cancer

This particular effect is the reason “deadly” is included in the introduction of this post. It’s no news that there is no cure for cancer. Although tumor surgery and radiation still helps to elongate the lives of some people, this does not reduce the death rate of cancer in our world today.

While not directly, drinking Coke or other carbonates drinks in excess leads to obesity. This puts one at a great risk of having several types of cancer. These may include breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and bowel cancer, among others.

As our elders will say, “prevention is better than cure”.


If you paid full attention to what you just read, you will observe I used the word “excess” very often. This is because all aforementioned effects only occur when consumption of the drinks is in excess.

You might ask, what quantity is excess? I can’t really put it out here – since excess is relative.

People who use their brains and other body parts very often need glucose to sustain them more than say, an unproductive person.

Check with your lifestyle, eat drink healthy and stay healthy.

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