Your 20’s: Live Life or Think About It?

Young adults in their 20’s

You are in your 20s without a car and mansion of your own. You go through the ‘Gram daily and the pressure keeps increasing. ‘Be a millionaire, make money, and gain respect from your mates’. The list goes on. Every new platform screams make money from your phone. You invest in things you don’t even understand. After all, when compared to your mates. They are doing a whole lot. However, without realizing you begin to wonder if you have a life.

Personal development is one topic most people tend to not talk about. However, it is a major thing to think about as a growing adult. It tends to encompass everything needed to have a fulfilled life. For me, it has a lot to do with answering and finding solutions to questions I want my decades-aged self to appreciate and be proud of.

You need to take a pause and ask questions like:

“What do I want for myself?”

“Will I get fulfillment from purchasing this car?”

“What profit will I get from squandering this money?”

“Do I want this career or am I just going with the flow?”

As much as possible, you’d need answers to these pending questions. I believe setting your mind right will get you farther than expected. “How do I unlock the potentials and capacities I have within myself?” “How do I bring out the best despite the pressure of making it right and quick?”

Your mind is a powerful place and what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way” – one of my favorite NF lines.

Firstly, I’m of the opinion that your 20s should be your deciding years. Years where the decisions you make will be greatly influenced by what you feel and allow your mind to entertain. The actions and inactions you take in your 20s will go a long way to establishing the next decades of your life. Honestly, it’s a lot better to set our paths right and drive passionately for what we want in life. No one wants to sit in their living room at age 60 drowning in “had I known”s – trust me.

However, as we think about life, we should not forget to live. Now is the time to make memories and meet people. Try out crazy opportunities, eat those strange food combos, and go on wild adventures around the world. Your 20s are filled with so many possibilities. Love and get heartbroken and explore as much as you can without getting yourself killed. Also, have fun within the boundaries of sanity (don’t lose your senses). In other words, do whatever you feel ‘living’ is. At the end of it all, all we’ll have left are our memories.

In conclusion, avoid unnecessary pressure and make enough memories to look back on when you’re about to close your eyes and breathe your last.

Live, love and write (replace write with whatever you enjoy).

Thoughts from a not-so-normal Nigerian girl.

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