5 Signs That Show You May Not Be Ready for a Relationship- II

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  1. Being the saviour

You cannot be in a relationship to save someone too. You cannot change or fix someone’s damage. When you want to, you instinctively consider the person more as a project rather than someone you want to be with, in a relationship. Although they are countless who are still doing so, it does not create a healthy relationship. Everyone can change, but it is only through their own choice, will and pace. You’re not Jesus Christ, stop trying to act like him.

  1. You cannot forget your Ex

If you are still recovering from heartbreak or you cannot get over your previous relationship, if you still think and talk about your ex with your new partner frequently, then proceeding into a new one is not the best thing to do.

  1. Compromise

If you have a habit of thinking you are always right and always holding to your ego instead of making things right, then you may want to hold off entering into a relationship. Focus first on learning how to admit and own up to your own mistakes. Reflect as often as you can and become more self-aware of the decisions you make. Everything has a consequence, so decide your actions very carefully.

A healthy relationship is about two people being able to take risks and grow together. If you still have questions on dating and growing in a relationship, please share them in the comment section. I hope you enjoyed what you just read. Till next time humans. Bye!!.

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