An amber- coloured sky, A floating shadow

With a scythe in hand and a raised hat in the other

for I’m finally the victor…again-

One has finally released a soul”

That One, Covered in white attire 

had always succeeded in keeping the other souls from me.

To talk of that One as I saw in his diary:

One grew up as humans do

One went to a school

One could have left the school

For the school was like my master, (My Master, War)

But for the hope, he wished to give to souls,

(That hope- I detest)

One became as the owl

With a lit candle in the whole black box

And the books opened.

I met him once when it was dark

His bulging eyes like an owl

Staring at words I never knew 

Would become his power

He’s here now

Many colours of sky after

With that white attire of hope

Taking away what’s mine

Keeping the souls in the bodies

Yes! I hate him

He’s my enemy

And I’m not backing down from this battle

I know his name now

I heard these humans once

They called him Doctor

But to me

All I still see are those

Bulging eyes of the dark

Yes! I named him doctowl.


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