Ewa Agoyin (Ingredients and Preparation)

Various forms of preparing beans have been devised by folks over the ages, but none has captured the attention of my taste buds🤤🤤 as much as the locally prepared Ewa Agoyin does.

Ewa Agoyin is a variety of cooked beans sold by food vendors in roadside canteens and stalls. It is a combination of well-prepared, mashed beans and a spicy pepper sauce.

So if you don’t like to eat out or have a few minutes to spare, here are the procedures to prepare this otherworldly dish.

INGREDIENTS (tweaked to fit one serving)

• 2 cups of beans, preferably ewa oloyin (honey beans).

• ½ cup chilli pepper (dried and powdered). 🌶️

• 4 to 5 red bell pepper( dried, but better hand-grinded).

• 2 onions (1 diced and 1 mashed). 🧅

• 2 to 3 teaspoons of crayfish.

• 2 seasoning cubes.

• Salt. 🧂

• 1 cup of palm oil.

• Diced cow skin/kpomo (optional).

• Fried fish (optional). 🐟

• Pieces of dried fish.

Gotten all that? Ok, let’s create wonder.


  1. Pick the beans to get rid of the chaff and unwanted stones. Put these in the pot and add 2 to 3 cups of water, cook for about 5 minutes ⏰ before changing the water.

2. Place the beans back on the fire, dice some onions to taste and cook for about 120 minutes till the beans becomes well cooked, acquiring a soft texture. Mash with a wooden spatula so it soaks up all the remaining water.

3. For the sauce, it can be prepared concurrently with the beans if another stove is available. Place a saucepan and add about one cup of palm oil, wait till it’s almost bleached (remember “almost” oo), then add diced onions and fry till brown. Do this at minimum heat, so you don’t birth charcoal-black onions.

4. Mix your dry/ground chilli pepper🌶️ with seasonings, dry crayfish, ground bell pepper (if you want to wow that guest, then grind with a traditional millstone, a blender would suffice too), dry fish, mashed onions🧅, diced kpomo and fried fish(optional, but you’d be glad you added this😊😊), salt to taste. Add this mixture to the saucepan.

5. Cover up and allow to simmer for some minutes while stirring at intervals (nose tingling? yeah we’re almost there 🤤🤤). The sauce for ewa agoyin is never truly done if it doesn’t acquire that deep/dark red, slightly burnt look. At this point, you can bring it down. Our sauce is ready!

6. Serve mashed beans with a topping of sauce alongside bread🍞, yam, and/or fried plantain, hmm, yummy isn’t it?

Quick Note:

– Do make sure the palm oil is in excess, that’s the beauty of this dish.

– You can add a little blended tomato if you’re not on the spicy side of the radar.

– You can prepare the beans and sauce concurrently to save time.

– Please have fun with the ingredients, let your stomach lead.

That’s all for today🕺🕺, do like and leave your comments. Is there any food you’d like to know more about?🤔🤔 Feel free to leave a comment too.

Ewa Agoyin (Ingredients and Preparation)

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