How to avoid burnout

Burnout affects individuals across various professions, and is characterized by emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. In addition, it often results from chronic workplace or emotional stress.

There is a thin line between maintaining consistency, being dedicated to work and burnout. Burnout often leads to feelings of detachment, and decreased effectiveness.

You know that feeling of wanting to run away? yeah that’s burnout. How do you then avoid burnout when you have to show up everyday to postings (or work), maintain your health, make some money and have a social life? Let me share some strategies with you.

Let’s start with this: Setting boundaries with your time. Some people call it having a time table. Set out specific times for work, relaxation, rest and stick to them. Setting out specific times helps you to relax and rest at the right time. It also gives you the feeling of control over your time and space. With this, you can even shake things up a bit.

Closely linked with having a time table is taking breaks in-between tasks. Breaks help a lot with your mental health and avoiding burnout. For example, if you read for 30 minutes, take a 10 mins break off your books to relax. The idea is to relax your eyes and brain. You could also take the weekend off if you’ve had a very stressful week.

In my opinion, adequate sleep should probably be at the top of this list. Adequate and regular sleep is a good way to prevent burnout. There is no award for best in insomnia or overnight jacking. When you sleep very well, your body, brain and mind will thank you for it.

Now, have you heard of the phrase “Na who give up f*ck up?” Yeah, we say that to motivate ourselves not to give up on our goals and aspiration. But I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to give up sometimes. It’s okay to give up on overwhelming goals, toxic work spaces, toxic relationships and friendships that drain you. Re-evaluate your life and identify what you probably should give up on.

Lastly, you’ll agree with me that having a good support system helps to prevent or rather manage burnout. There should be people in your life you can rant to, give you a listening ear and a big warm hug when you’re fagged out.

In conclusion, try your possible best to stay afloat, life is probably kicking everybody’s ass.

Stay frosty.

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