Jean Hygiene

Jeans generally, whether trousers, skirts or jackets are one of the most convenient outfits ever! But right from time, there has always been the million dollar question of how best to effectively maintain them.

Some clothing cognoscenti might tell you never to wash your jeans but you would agree with me that such advice seems absolutely ludicrous. Of course, their opinion of never washing jeans is provided that conditions such as having numerous pairs of jeans are met. They also consider the benefits which include: reduced laundry load, less washing helps the environment, and of course, jeans won’t fade, so they last longer.

So how often should jeans be washed and how do we go about it?

Well, according to various experts, the way and manner of caring for your jeans largely depends on its type, make, and the other fabrics and materials they are blended with but it is a pretty basic fact that jeans should be washed as seldom as possible so as to maintain its quality.

Here are a few tips and hacks to consider:

1. Wash your jeans after about 10-12 back-to-back wears or use a fabric freshener if it starts to give an unpleasant odour.

Never wash jeans or denim in hot water and never put it in the dryer especially if the fabric is stretchy

3. Raw jeans and Sanforized jeans (jeans that were pre-shrunk so as to reduce the amount of shrinking after first wash) should only be dry cleaned only after 3-4 months.

4. Blended jeans mixed with Lycra or spandex or poly – cotton fibres should be washed with cold water and air-dried after they expand and loose shape.

5. If you’re a frequent jean wearer, which, let’s be honest, includes most of us, wash your jeans after six weeks but if you find that your jeans stink after just 2 days then a cool hack to try is to fold them and put in the freezer overnight but then again, aseju ni freezer, air drying ti wa alright.

6. When washing your jeans, please make sure it is turned inside out and it should be spread to dry the same way too.

7. Remove spot stains by cleaning with a warm, wet cloth.

8. Follow the instructions on the tag.

9. If you have read all the points above and you still feel incredulous, most likely because you are a chronic clean freak like my AOT crush, Captain Levi, I have a bit of assurance for you.

Microbiologists have said you need not worry about health risks for not washing jeans. A study carried out at the University of Alberta proved that the bacteria count was low even after wearing jeans for 15 months straight without washing and it was mostly just normal skin flora that was observed.

The most important thing to note however is that your jeans require a lot of air and less soap and water.

I hope this helps you in taking better care of your jeans so you don’t have to constantly replace worn out jeans.

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