Read my Lips (1)

The lipstick is one of the most basic and important items in make-up — every standard make-up kit has one. Why even those who aren’t so inclined to makeup tend to have one or two lipsticks and a couple of lip glosses and balms handy.

We already know that psychology and fashion are blood relatives (psychology being the parent) and as it plays a major role in many of our life’s choices, the seemingly mundane choice of what type of lipstick to use is not left out.

There is a reason you like that particular type of lipstick you so often use. It tells us something, gives off an impression. Here are the different types of lipsticks and what we read when you wear them.

  1. Matte lipstick: It has a flat, dry and non-shiny look hence, it gives off this sort of natural feel. It screams bold, brash and beautiful and is often the preferred choice of women in authority and those who mean business. If you are looking to give off power vibes, then matte is the way to do it!

2. Lip balms: They have healing components such as vitamin-E and essential oils and are used to treat cracked lips and prevent dryness. They come in a variety of fruity scents. Those who prefer lip balms are known to be very polite and simple. They value practicality, go straight to the point and are very productive.

3. Gloss: These are very attractive because well, they are glossy and they give the lip the quality of being shiny and juicy. They add depth and enhancement to thin and tiny lips. They never go out of trend, can be worn on top of a traditional lipstick, and are perfect for every occasion and even more perfect for hot days!. This should be present in every make-up kit as it’s uses are limitless. Wearing lip gloss makes you look glamorous, attractive and energetic. The amount you slather on would reveal if you are extravagant or more on the modest side.

4.Satin/Sheer and Cream lipsticks: Satin and sheer lipsticks are very common and contain a lot of oils. They afford the lips some sheen due to their oily nature but they easily wear off. Cream lipsticks are very similar to the silk and sheer but they contain more wax instead of oil thus making them last longer than the Satin and sheer lipsticks. These are great choices for influential and businesswomen and are also good for weekend functions.

5. Liquid lip stain: They are liquid in consistency, have high quality, last longer and are easier to apply. They are very vibrant in colour and give the lip that required pop! They tend to be very drying, so it is advised that you moisturize underneath them or use a gloss over them to protect your lips from cracking. Liquid lipsticks tell others that you are professional, expensive and sophisticated.

6. Frosted lipstick: This lipstick trended in the ’70s but have now made a huge comeback. With its opalescent finish, it is good for evening events because it glistens in such a lovely way under artificial light. It makes the lips appear fuller and more luscious and when those luscious lips whisper to us “read my lips“. We read elegance, we read finesse.

So, what is your favourite type of lipstick and what does it reveal about you? I hope this article at least gave you an inkling as to what those answers might be. Feel free to share with me some of those answers. I, for one, really love the gloss! You can, of course, have in your kit all these various types of lipsticks to go with your mood and flow and you can be sure that those lips will be read and heard loud and clear.

Stay tuned as we will be doing a deeper reading of lips next time, till then,

Lots of love,


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