Medical School Is More Than Big Textbooks!

I am standing with arms akimbo in the middle of the room, one leg of my socks in my hand, and the second leg nowhere to be found. It’s every day I have to look for these socks, sigh. The time is 7:15 am, yet I must make it to pharmacology class by 7:30 before they shut the doors (medical school for you). However, I have an announcement to make, so I’ll just do this quickly while ransacking the whole place for the runaway sock.

Some time ago, the senior chiefs in MediVoice held a very long meeting and discussed how we write on everything. Or well – almost everything.

MediVoice boasts a wide range of content written by an interesting crop of writers. I mean, there’s WOF who knows every animal on earth (animal scientist wey dey disguise for med school😏).

Ravanjie, known for her humorous and creative style with a touch of eccentricity.

Amara has all the fashion tips you could possibly need (no fugazi).

Simi, who can interview anybody, human or alien.

And many other diverse writers I can’t mention now because I still have a missing sock & a class that starts in 10 minutes.

From Sports to Food, Popular culture, Flash Fiction, Event Reports, Formal and Informal Interviews, etc, there is a wide range of content to appeal to different demographics.

However, with all our writing niches, we weren’t writing enough about stuff pertaining to Medical school itself. Now, outsiders probably think all we do is read all day like some zombies without a social life – or not😆.

In reality, Med School is beautiful and every day is a new adventure. There’s a vast spectrum of curricular & extra-curricular activities that makes our everyday lives fun in spite of all we go through to become Doctors.

We spend 6 years + x studying after all.

So, the chiefs came up with a new column: Med School Lifestyle! A column that will tell the shenanigans, successes, and woes of your undergraduate days to remind you that we are in solidarity with you and that in fact, we’re facing the ‘sheges’ together.

Sorry, my ogas said no more expos😪. But I bet you can tell that it will be relatable, hilarious and enlightening.

So, button your ward coats and replenish your plasma glucose. This is going to be fun.

Yes! Found the socks. Was on my Robbins and Cotran all along. 7:29 AM. Time to run!

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