Meet Abdulmughniy – The Lollapalooza

Onadipe Abdulmughniy.

Medivoice: Distinguished fellows, what happens every fortnight? A masterpiece called personality of the week. We are here again with what we are good at cooking. Today, we have an amazing dark Abdulmughniy with us. Can we know you sir?

POTW: My name is Onadipe Abdulmughniy ololade, a member of Magna Medicos(part 1). It is equally important to say I am from Ogun state.

Medivoice: Great! So, do you have a nickname?

POTW: Yeah, I do. Al-ijebuwiyyh , Improvement, President Adisa.

Medivoice: Wow! sounds interesting. However Abdulmughniy, why medicine?

POTW: The situation of the country.

Medivoice: let me restrain from pressing further because of the situation of the country. So, considering the situation of the country, what would you have done instead?

POTW: Basically, Mechanical engineering, or go into politics.

Medivoice: I guess we are all entitled to the national cake… further, aside medicine, what else do you lay your hands on?

POTW: Basically, Tech and jamajama.

Medivoice: The only non tech bro in the universe should be I and me. However, I don’t know about jamajama. I prolly should try it too(winks). Can you share with us a memorable event?

POTW: Hmmm…seeking admission wasn’t “bread and beans” for an average student like me. I was told to stop trying and do other stuffs . But, I had my parents’ support. Moreover, they almost got tired too at a point. “Abdulmughniy, shey ooni mú LASU tabi Lautech bayii? Uniosun na o dẹ̀ bad ooo,” My mum said. After attempts, I gained admission, My mum burst into tears and my dad gave me an unforgettable handshake. I can’t wait to receive that kind of handshake again.

Medivoice: ‘Emoshional’ and motivating…A memorable event indeed. Moreover, Japa or patriotic?

POTW: We really have to make Nigeria great again.

Medivoice: I guess this is euphemism. Basically, being patriotic is not bad. So, a food that takes you to cloud 9?

POTW: Bread and beans with bottled coke (not the plastic bottle), the glass bottle.

Medivoice: Hilarious! I should go and try it also, because…Importantly, which indoor and outdoor games do you play?

POTW: Chess and football.

Medivoice: Oyaaaaa! Ronaldo Kasparov (laughs). Before, I ask the futuristic question, let me ask this. If you were to hold a leadership position in the college, what would you do you differently?

POTW: I will try to organize a counseling session, biweekly, monthly or every 6-months for students in college. People are going through a lot, especially medical students. They may feel relieved if they have someone to share it with. others just need care and affection.

Medivoice: … People are going through a lot, especially Nigerian medical students. Nigeria should be added. Furthermore, where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

POTW: I’d like to find myself in a position to mentor others in the field; putting my experience to use in ways that help others achieve what I’ve attained.

Medivoice: You have a great foresight, honestly. Further, a message for Ifumsaites.

POTW: Do things that make you happy. Life is short. In addition, man will always meet his destiny on the path he takes to avoid it. Lastly, love people but don’t lend them money , they won’t return it.

Medivoice: Ifumsaites! Kindly take this words of wisdom from president Adisa. Moreover,a state in Nigeria you would love to visit?

POTW: Kano

Medivoice: Nice! Centre of commerce. However, I hope It isn’t for jamajama(smiles). A country you would love to visit?

POTW: Kuwait

Medivoice: The ‘K’ state and ‘K’ country are places known for ‘K’ as in Kudi. Which do you prefer? Eat in or eat out?

POTW: Eat out.

Medivoice: Rich kiddo. Who is your role model?

POTW: Prophet Muhammad (SAW), My dad, and Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Medivoice: Cool! Next, Describe yourself in a sentence.

POTW: I am a lollapalooza.

Medivoice: Great! Before we move on to the Greco-Roman question. Senior colleague(s) you admire,and colleague(s) you admire.

POTW: Chief Abu, Chief Badru, Chief Dunmoni. In addition, a colleague I admire is master Hay Hay.

Medivoice: How about your relationship status?

POTW: Dating.

Medivoice: You seem to be a Roman. So, basically, what is your perception about life?

POTW: Life is a probationary state where we are left to choose good or evil, right or wrong. And, to experience mortality while striving to overcome the “natural man” within us. You have to learn to take whatever is dealt you and turn it into a positive in your life to become better through the experience instead of bitter. Then,we have to understand that every one of us is having the same “testing” and lend a hand where possible. This, so that we can all work together to overcome all things. Furthermore, when this life is over, you can look back without regrets and understand it was all necessary to the education of your eternal soul.

Medivoice: Wow! Life is a probationary state, temporal then, ephemeral. This is indeed a great perception, I must admit. Finally Abdulmughniy, final words for Medivoice.

POTW: You guys are the real Gees. You are especially doing a great job. Thank you very much for having me

Medivoice: It’s our pleasure. This is where we set again like today’s sun to come back another day radiant and effulgent. Till then, stay safe! Eat well! Sleep well!

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