We live and we die. We start our cycles as an innocent impressionable child to a young exuberant youth, up till our body starts shutting down willingly. In the end, what really matters is how we spent the time we had. Did we learn as much as we wanted to? Check everything on our bucket lists? Do that one thing we dared ourselves to?

In this piece, the poet compares the setting of the sun, to motions exhibited by a coin. When each day comes to an end, would you say you focused your energy on things that actually bring you joy? Let your life each day be full of colors, as they set the evening sky ablaze.

The sun spun like
a tossed coin.
It whirled on the azure sky,
it clattered into the horizon,
it clicked in the slot,
And neon lights popped
And blinked “Time expired”,
As on a parking meter

  • Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali

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