WE Are The Monsters We Fear

Fear in the Mirror

The clock strikes midnight, and it casts the world into darkness as silence blankets the sleeping household. At home and not surprisingly, a heavy dinner of Eba and cold Egusi soup sits heavy in your stomach. It’s the usual and bitter reminder of the lack and hardship that has shadowed your existence. Mum had no money for gas, “what more chould she do?” You muttered and drifted towards sleep. All of a sudden, a thunderous bang reverberates through the night and sends an electric shock coursing down your spine. Tremors of fear wrack your body but you brace up, for what you know is coming.

The footsteps continued to echo ominously down the hallway. And each step was as heavy as the weight of impending terror. The air is thick with dread and as the sound draws closer, you can hear a cacophony of screeching fingernails clawing at the wood.

Finally, it stands outside the door and you bury yourself under the covers, trying to seek refuge from the nightmare unfolding before you. Tears mingle with the sweat on your brow as you whimper a feeble plea for the intruder to leave you be. But the voice that answers is no more than a sinister voice that weaves through your thoughts like tendrils of smoke.

“I won’t leave you, my dear,” 

it hisses, its words dripping with malice and madness. 

“Not until our nocturnal rendezvous come to an end.”

Fueled by exhaustion and desperation, you throw caution to the wind and fling open the door. What more can you do than invite the terror within to consume you? 

But as the figure steps into the dim light of your room, you are met with a sight that chills you to the bone.

It is you, and yet it is not. Your own face stares back at you, grinning with a devilish smirk that sends shivers down your spine. Its eyes gleam with madness and delirium, mirroring the fear that grips your heart.

As the truth sinks in, a sense of profound horror washes over you, engulfing you in a maelstrom of terror and despair. For on this fateful Friday night, you have come face to face with the true monster that resides within.

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