5 Signs That Show You May Not Be Ready For a Relationship- I

Have you been going on dates and you’re wondering whether you should start a relationship? Or you got a new job and just moved to a new neighbourhood and you’re thinking of triggering the love chemistry in someone? Is the social pressure of being single getting to you and you feel being in a relationship is gonna take it all away? Being in a relationship is absolute commitment and if you’re being indifferent or reluctant about relationships, here are 5 signs showing you may not be ready.

1. Craving For That Perfect Partner.

Are you constantly daydreaming about Prince Charming or Cinderella riding on a unicorn and maybe meeting you one day?

Have you ever walked down the street seeing people holding hands and being romantic and wished for the same? It is an ideal thing to ponder about who your soulmate is, love is exciting when you meet someone with the same chemistry but relationships need way more than that to survive. Butterflies in your stomach do not depict true, real, or ultimate love. Sometimes, your Prince Charming or Cinderella will let you down and it won’t be perfect. Love isn’t just about finding someone that ticks all the boxes of your requirements so do not waste your time and energy finding someone who will, and work on being the best version of yourself.

2. Waiting For a Saviour.

If you have issues or problems and you’re expecting someone to save you, dead these expectations because it is not romantic to have someone save you from your misery. If you’re unhappy and you want a way out of your problems, starting a relationship is not the answer. You can’t expect someone to heal your wounds permanently, and stop your heart from hurting. It Is dangerous using relationships to distract yourself from your problems. It attracts toxic partners who feed off on your ” hooked” and codependent behaviour. Live your life and don’t wait for someone to magically concoct a love potion to erase your problems, get medical help, or surround yourself with positive people who can be there for you.

This is where the pen stops its flow. See you all again in two weeks!!🤗✨

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