After the flood

“There’s is nothing but the water… “
Said raven to dove
“I flew for miles and back. No luck. “
Dove sighed and went off on her own quest.

She looked at the water, remembering,
The great mountains, the huge trees,
The tree her mother nested her in, everything was gone
She flew back to the ark, wondering if water had buried the world.

Seven days passed. Her second quest.
She flew for miles and miles.
Just when she was about to give up.
Out of the blue, a branch! Could it be?

She flies harder than she ever had
It was one of those stray branches that went higher than their tree
She wasn’t sure she had ever felt more joy in her life.
She plucked a leaf. Her evidence.
At the ark, tentative smiles and half whispered hopes.

Seven days. Her third quest.
She barely flew a mile this time
An entire new world
Nor a trace of humans or litter
Trees and mountains and hills and flowers
The world was new

Dove smiled peacefully at the world,
Sat on the lowest branch of a tree
and waited in silence.

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