Being Still

I heard a story once
Of the rebirth of an eagle
A story once told
To teach the transforming strength
Of the determination to live

The eagle grows old
Lives on a mountain nest for days
Breaks off its talons and beak
-Of course, it grows new ones.
Pulls off its feathers
-And again, to grow new ones
-All in 150 days
Before taking its first flight of rebirth.

Haq, the story sure sounds good.
Though biologically untrue,
it fulfills its cause
when told with the right vibe.

But, I am a Homo sapiens
With no beak or talon to break
No feather to pull off
-I live in a home of bricks.

“And when life throws me down,
I, with blood and water,
Teeth grit
Will keep standing up
That- my rebirth.”

Haq, I got you again
boiling bloods
You should calm down

The only rebirth you need
-Is the renewal of your mind
To accept who you are
Not who the world calls you

-And have a good week
With less anxiety, Friend

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