Define your Relationships…

you would save a lot of time and be set free.

You can easily get carried away when a relationship starts. They get me and I get them, why do we have to ruin it with such a conversation? It hurts to find out they do not want the same things that you want; it is heartbreaking to deal with unmet expectations.

You have to define all types of relationships, whether friendships, situationships, or romantic relationships.

What does it mean to define a relationship?

What are we? How long are we friends for? Are we dating to get married? What are your expectations?

To define a relationship is to have your questions answered, to give labels if necessary, to discuss your expectations and to put away hope if there were any. It is not always a conversation that gets you what you want, it is a conversation that gives you clarity.

Clarity is not synonymous with painless, it is being aware of what your relationship entails. He is just my study partner. I have feelings for her, but we don’t want a relationship. I have feelings for him, but he does not feel the same way. We find each other attractive, but our values do not align.

After clarity comes a choice to make. We do not have to talk every day; we will talk when we need to study. Let us remain friends. We cannot remain as close friends. We have to go our separate ways.

And if they feel the same way… I like you too. I’m glad we are on the same page.

Good for you, you have a relationship to invest in.

Offended unhappy teenage girl sadly looking at phone sits on floor at home. Sad thoughtful worried schoolgirl experiencing depression after breaking up with beloved boy.

If you do not want the same things... I am sorry; however, I do not feel the same way. We should not be together. I would miss talking to you.

It is okay to cry, and it is okay to be hurt; however, it would ultimately set you free. 

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