Depression and Birthdays

Birthdays, the one day a person generally feels good about themselves. From being spoiled with gifts, to receiving nice compliments, you literally feel like you would burst with joy. For some people though, especially as one gets older, they feel a sense of dread as their birthday approaches. Otherwise called the birthday blues; defined as a general sadness or feeling down by a person on or around his or her birthday.

A person with birthday blues experiences symptoms similar to depression. The person might have low self confidence, avoid contact with people or feel paranoid and unenthusiastic about the upcoming day.

Tips on Beating the Birthday Blues

Do What You Love

Birthdays are meant to celebrate you getting older. Celebrate in a way that makes you happy and lifts your spirit. You could decide to spend the day with friends or family, or throw a big bash. Just make sure you do you and not impress other people.

Don’t Over Plan
Wanting everything to be perfect on that day can increase levels of stress and lead to signs of depression. Keep things simple, and if you do decide to have something big, ask a friend to help out, to take a bit of the stress off your shoulders.

Be Positive
Don’t spend the day worrying about what could have been and all you still have to do. Instead focus on all you have achieved in the past year, and how far you have come. Treat yourself to things you wouldn’t usually indulge in like booking to see a show, getting a massage or going out for dinner.

Be Realistic
Don’t expect the world to shift its axis, just because it is your birthday. Be realistic on what to expect on that day. If you think you would get a particular gift or get thrown a surprise party, disappointment is sure to happen when either does not occur.

If you feel like people might forget your birthday, there is no big deal in reminding them. If a friend asks what they can get you, be direct in what you want. If it makes you feel loved to have people remember your birthday, then there’s no stopping you from letting them know.

Appreciate People
Despite you feeling down and lacking energy to do anything, there are still friends who would take the time to wish you happy birthday, show up or get you a thoughtful gift. Appreciate their gesture and don’t let your negative attitude rub off on them.

Remember, there are a lot of people who feel the birthday blues. You are not alone. If you can get rid of these negative feelings and makes solid plans for your birthday, these occasions can be fun again as when it was being a kid. Your birthday comes once a year, so make sure it counts!

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