Did we grow up

Did we grow up? What time was it? Before you were 18?
You crossed the street,
You crossed your legs and came across a little cold.
And it was all, with a scream falling apart was all you could do.
What time was it? When you were in the eighth grade?
You brought the box up to high school and what was it for?
You paid the price anyway, falling apart.
I never said you’d be better off quitting.
Everyone left even as you held on longer than the rest.
What made you leave? What did you know that I did not?
Oh, is it one or many more, but you lost count.
Now you’ve got the lines, the mark of time and it’s all to falling apart
Now you are on your knees, not so far from where it all began.
You wonder what they were all for, I wonder too.
Now in silence, You fall apart every day
visiting those times when you were so innocent
before the world became so cold.

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