Fashion: Style and Personality

Amigos! Thanks for making it to the blog today and I do hope you are staying safe.

How about we have a little bit of fun on the column today?

Studies have shown that your choice in clothing and other areas of fashion say a lot about who you are. This is basic psychology and in fact fashion 101. Style and fashion is after all an art of self expression.

Although, one’s sense of style and personality can easily be deduced when all dressed and dolled up, what you wear, how you look and what you do while staying at home also discloses the type of person you are.

Have fun taking this quiz and let’s see if we’ve got you figured out!

  1. Do you paint your fingernails and toenails?
  • Only for a special occasion and if I am going to wear sandals (2pts)
  • Yes, both are always painted(5pts)
  • None(1pt)
  • Only fingernails (3pts)

2. What is your skin care routine like?

  • A rigorous several step routine (5pts)
  • Cleanser and moisturizer (3pts)
  • Soap and water (2pts)
  • Just water(1pt)

3. Do you prefer wearing skirts/dresses or Trousers?

  • Skirts/dresses (5pts)
  • Trousers(1pt)
  • Depends on seasons and occasions (3pts)

4. You are late! What do you throw on before leaving home?

  • The first thing I find (1pt)
  • A basic T shirt and jeans (3pts)
  • I can get the perfect outfit in just 5 minutes (5pts)

5. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

  • Magazine(4pts)
  • Catwalk/ Red carpet(5pts)
  • People in the street (3pts)
  • Movies(2pts)
  • Nowhere,I don’t really think about it (1pt)

6. What is your favorite make up item?

  • Lip gloss(3pts)
  • Mascara(2pts)
  • Powder(2pts)
  • Eye liner (2pts)
  • Lip stick (5pts)
  • Eye shadow (4pts)
  • None, I don’t do make up (1pt)

7. Do you take a shower or bath before bed or early in the morning?

  • Before bed(1pt)
  • Early in the morning (4pts)
  • Both times(5pts)
  • Depends on my activities for the day (3pts)

8. When do you buy new clothes?

  • When I find one that calls to me(2pts)
  • When I need to replace a piece of clothing that has worn out that I have aged out of(1pt)
  • As often as I can (3pts)

9. Do you dress according to weather or how you feel?

  • Weather(1pt)
  • How I feel (3pts)
  • Both(5pts)

10. How many times do you wear a t-shirt before you need to wash it?

  • Till it smells(1pt)
  • Just once (5pts)
  • 2-4 times(3pts)

11.What do you usually wear when relaxing at home?

  • Sweat pants (1pt)
  • Shorts(3pts)
  • Jeans(4pts)
  • Just underwear(2pts)
  • Camisole and wrapper (0 pts)
  • Pyjamas/ night gown(5pts)

12. Where do you prefer shopping for your clothes?

  • The mall(1pt)
  • Online(3pts)
  • Exclusive boutiques (5 pts)
  • Flea markets or yard sales( Bend down select) (0pts)

13. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

  • No time at all, maximum 20 minutes(1pt)
  • Usually about 25-45 minutes (3pts)
  • About one hour, sometimes more(5pts)

14. How would your best friends describe your style?

  • Trend setter and fashion adviser (5pts)
  • I have my good and bad moments(3pts)
  • Plain Jane (1pt)

15. What is your overall and ultimate belief about fashion?

  • How I make myself stand out in front of everyone else.(5pts)
  • It is empowering and makes me feel confident(3pts)
  • I look good for myself and nobody else (1pt)

Now add up your points.

If you have:

13-21 points: you are a natural beauty! And you are beautiful inside and out. Although, you do not seek attention, you do not go unnoticed. You are a little shy, the introvert in your group which does not mean that you do not know how to have fun. You like keeping things simple and it works very well for you. You would choose comfort over attention any day and you believe there is more to life than what you wear and how you look. You tend to avoid taking risks and just play it safe. A little advice though, try and take risks once in a while, risks that would be worth it, sometimes playing it safe is not always safe. You have an overwhelming inner strength, if you don’t know that yet, it is high time you do.

22-35 points: You are loving, delicate, kind and full of life. You are elegant without being pretentious. You are humble and people love being around you. You bring light into the room.

36-45 points: You are very chill and easy going. It is hard to pinpoint your particular style because you often just go with the flow and wear what feels right at the time. People don’t know what to expect from you, you keep them wondering. You are creative and versatile. You don’t really follow trends, you create your own. You make statements but they are not intensely bold.

46- 55 points: You are almost perfect!

You are outgoing , elegant and very sensible. You are a feminine perfectionist and an excellent planner. You know what you want to achieve and you go for it. You are not the type to give up.

56 and above: You are hard working and responsible. Your image is important to you and you want to be taken seriously so you are always at your best. You are most likely an extrovert and the life of the party. Sometimes you come off as intimidating but when people get to really know you they find that you are friendly. When everything is in order you are happy and charming and your charm is a head turner.

I hope you had fun with the quiz. Please continue to stay safe. Till next time then,

Lots of love,


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