IFUMSA holds Maiden White Coat Ceremony

The IFUMSA White Coat Ceremony held on the 9th of February, 2024 for the Unicus Medicos class.

Medicine. Part 4. Clinical I.

We’ve all heard horror stories about what some say is the worst class in medical school. The much-dreaded and anticipated clinicals often come with fearmongering and attempts to catch a nap in class. Video compilations featuring “This is the life I chose” playing in the background only add to the anticipation. Despite the challenges, the joy of being called “Doctor,” even though you’re just barely halfway through med school, keeps you going. As you embark into part 4, you are entering into the real meat of med school. All the cadavers, tears, materials, viva sessions, and blurred histology slides have led you here. And that is worth celebrating.

So it was only fitting that IFUMSA organize her Maiden edition White Coat Ceremony to celebrate the Part 4 Unicus Medicos Class. Spearheaded by Oladipupo Ayomipo, the program promised to be a success from the moment the flyers began “flying” around class groups and WhatsApp statuses. Moreover, the two-week long preceptorship was going to come to a peak at the white coat ceremony

The Event

By 9 am, clinical students decked in their finest took their place on the cushioned seat of Clinical Skills. Initially, there was a bit of a delay in the program’s starting, adhering to the usual African time. However, by 10 am, Dr. Bush took the stage, immediately captivating us with his energy. Following his lively introduction, the AGS, Timilehin Ajao, gave a warm welcome address. He also congratulated his “Chiefs” for making it this far.

001, Temitayo Mathew, then welcomed the Unicus Medicos class to Clinicals. He offered heartfelt congratulations, reminding us that the road ahead would still be tough.

Subsequently, the Dean, Prof. Sowande, commended IFUMSA for organizing the program and suggested involving Dental and Nursing students in future editions. Throughout the program, goodwill messages were shared by the Dean of Basic Medical Students and Professor Y.B. Amusan

Prof. Dennis Ndubebe, the teacher of our teachers, took the first keynote speech, following the reading of his citation by Oladotun Rotifa. Asserting he was here to share a few tips, he advised us to visit the hospital after hours for additional learning, emphasizing that it provides valuable hands-on experience. Furthermore, he encouraged us to secure accommodation near the hospital. Given the limited spaces in the clinical hostel, this could serve as a good recommendation for more slots.

In the sequence, Prof. Adisa delivered the second keynote speech, preceded by the reading of his citation by Faithfulness Omotosho. He addressed the importance of medical students adapting to the modern landscape of medicine. Moreover, he emphasized the need for medical students to strive for excellence, urging us to seek out innovation in all our endeavors. Prof. Adisa underscored the importance of resilience in med school and encouraged us to acquire skills that would enhance our abilities.

After the speeches, it was time for the highlight of the ceremony. The medical students lined up for their medical elders to put on their white coats for them. The white coat. A symbol of excellence and care. Students donned their stethoscope as they lined up on stage to take pictures in front of their medical elders.

Lastly, some students took the stage to give the Unicus class some final orientation. Falokun Tobi (W.O.F), a Part 5 student, and esteemed Chief talked about the basics of what we need to read for each posting. While Moses-Oke Ideraoluwa, a Part 5 business woman, freelancer and student, talked about how to juggle sidehustles with Medicine, the major side hustle of all. Dr. Bush, on behalf of Dr. Toluwani, the part 5 class rep, gave some much-need advice on the importance of class unity

The planning committee passed around Item 6.9. Soft dougnuts, and bottles of soft drinks- a great panacea in these trying times. All in all, it was an excellent time, and the IFUMSA Maiden edition of the White Coat Ceremony was a program worthy of emulation. To Clinicals. And what a welcome!

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