I remember growing up was a bit exciting. I was getting taller and, that meant I could open the door and step out anytime I wanted to. I got better at reading and comprehending the messages in texts. I became able to rule my thoughts and make decisions myself. For a while, growing up, independence felt great.

Then COVID said ‘Hi’.

It introduced itself and, you know who got to understand what a pandemic had to offer? Yeah, you guessed right- The Grownups.

We got to understand that it meant no goodwill to us, so we decided to stay away, at home while our heroes fight to keep us all safe. Now, we are home- I am home. Although living through each week of the lockdown feels like being in the Jumanji game itself, I am still home, and I am trying not to lose my mind.

I could hear through the walls, over the fence, the happy sounds of infants in wonderland. For a moment there, I wished I was an Infant, again.

Instead, I read of my realities- as every adult should. I came across the topic of mental health while reading and thought I should share as the following have helped me in keeping a sane mind.

Maintain a Routine

You should try figuring out your body’s daily natural rhythm. Know when you would rather be awake and when you should be asleep. Know what time of the day you are most active. When you figure these out, try sticking to them as a daily routine. Don’t be hard on yourselves. Sticking to your routine only has to be approximate, not exact.

When deciding your routine, make sure you sleep well. Sleeping too much or too little can affect your mental health.

Stay Active

You should avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Apart from it being a risk factor of obesity, it is also a predisposing factor of depression. You should try working out, and make sure to go for a walk any time you are allowed to (maintain your distance though). This will help in keeping you in a good state of mind.

Limit Time Spent on Checking News

It is a good thing to be informed. However, the longer you feed on scary news, the more anxious you become. Anxiety is not a good state of mind. So, you should limit the amount of time you spend on your Newsline platforms. 

Remain Social

There is a high tendency to keep to yourself while staying home. This is not a good habit, either. You should try reaching out to other folks, check up on them often, meet up online with people, among others. However, try to restrict your online social presence to reduce your interactions from being overwhelming.

Be Intentional

Finally, the last code to learn is control. You should keep your thoughts from wandering during this period. The more you imagine crisis with you coming up as the hero of the day, the more you low-key feel anxious. And as stated earlier, anxiety is not a good thing. So be mindful of your thoughts. Keep yourself in the present, and have fun.

There, folks, I have shared with you the art of keeping your mind sane. Make sure to live through the rest of the lockdown in good health. Till next time, live well!


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