The Irony Of Life

“Yes, I knew I could do it!” I screamed my guts out.
“Baby girl, I’m so proud of you.”
“I always knew you could do it.”

These words were the signals my ears kept on receiving for the greater part of the day.
Are you wondering what warranted them?
Well, I wouldn’t leave you in the dark, let’s go down memory lane together.

I was in my penultimate year in secondary school (a boarding school). As we know, people always say life in the boarding school was anything but smooth; brutality, punishments, etc. Well, ironically, I had a different side of the story, I had everything going well for me- good grades ( I was the smartest student in my class), I was in the good book of teachers, juniors adored me, and my classmates admired me. I had made academic records no one had beaten.

Being in SS3, we had a series of exams to write-JAMB, WAEC, NECO, MOCK, etc. My classmates fretted as the examinations drew closer; everyone was on their toes burning midnight candles to make sure they do anything but fail their exams. Well, not that me. I didn’t get scared or put in efforts, but I had inner confidence based on my records. I felt I was going to make all my papers, get admission – no delays. Little did I know life, or would I say, God, had different plans for me.

I had always dreamed of studying medicine at the University of Ibadan, and that was what my JAMB form carried. I felt it was the best school in Nigeria to study medicine, and I deserved to be a part of that world. News had it that to get admission into UI, you had to hit high scores in JAMB. With that in mind, I aimed at getting 300 and above in JAMB. I read like there was no tomorrow, I spent more time with my books than anything else.

Day of the exam, I was so excited to the extent that my books didn’t leave my sight until it was time to get into the hall. I sat for the exams, and everything went as planned. After two days, the results got released, but I didn’t see mine. Jeez!! Who was playing tricks on me? Different thoughts ran relay races through my mind. Why was my result delayed? Well, I chose to believe that I did extraordinarily well, and that was why my result was delayed. Just when I had settled for that, the result was released. GBAM! 275 out of 400! What! Life didn’t smile at me this time. It felt like my whole world was crumbling; life came to an abrupt pause; tears flowed uncontrollably. Worst still, my classmates had way better scores than I did. A whole me! The best student! Why?!

Having that low score killed my whole vibes, and UI was not meant for me. All my dreams went down the drain. It was clear I was going to miss admission that year. Life was so unfair-why give me good grades all through my secondary school and just when I needed them the most, take it away. Just as thought life wanted to compensate me, I graduated the best student. However, that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to be in UI as a medical student!
Well, since I didn’t get admission, I decided to take another JAMB, life had got to move on, right?

Just so you know, I was angry at UI for not giving me admission, due to that, I put in for OAU this time around. I wasn’t in for another round of disappointments. I wanted to redeem my image, and so I began to burn the midnight candle and read my eyes out. I attended tutorials, read with friends, etc. I needed to prove my worth. As the exams drew near, I became fed up with reading. I started slacking. My village people were singing for me, and I danced to the tune. The exams drew near, and my humble self became lazier. Well, the D-day came, and I left early to take the paper. I didn’t even bother to read my books that very day, I left my fate in God’s hands.

Seated in the exam hall, I started feeling feverish. Damn! Of all days? Who had I offended? I had no choice but to write what I could. I left the hall downcast. Another year at home? That was the question engraved in my heart. I felt my books were repaying me for neglecting them at the most crucial time. All I could do was pray and hope I had 300 and above this time though it looked impossible. Well, isn’t God the God of wonders, I was sure he would work out a miracle.

As usual, two days after, the results were released. As I held the phone to check, my heartbeat like a race car driver. What I was going to see, was what will determine my next phase of life, are you feeling the tension I felt? I peeped at the screen, and the first number I saw was 3.

“ Yes! I knew I could do it!” I had made my records. I had redeemed my image. The joy I felt knew no bounds. My Medical journey in OAU started that moment I saw 316 out of 400.

That moment, I was the true definition of joy itself.

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