The Most Underrated Cities in the World

The earth is unimaginably vast with different intriguing experiences to offer. Although this is the case, some places are, however, still perceived as sub-par. Wonder why? Modern standards define places by the number of five-star attractions available per annual visitors, apparently. The fewer they are, the less rated these cities are. The underrated cities in this compilation are not exactly below average regarding tourist fascination. The issue is that people just don’t speak of them enough. Perhaps because their beauties are more intrinsic and not as pronounced as others. Regardless of what that’s about, you’ll get to know why some of these places are worth visiting soon.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Talking about one of the most underrated cities in Asia, Dhaka has an incredibly reduced tourist patronage. Imagine a state of barely over one hundred thousand visitors yearly. At the same time, this is a place with beautiful scenery of tropical vegetation.

If you walk along the streets, you’re sure to lose count of the mosques around. This specific attribute has earned Dhaka another nomenclature, “The City of Mosques.” Likewise, there are numerous other religious artifacts, historical monuments, and rivers. The busy market is also a view to behold and relate with indigenes.

Galway, Ireland

A visit to Galway will submerge you in that new cultural realm you’ve always craved. But in this case, it’s the Irish. With vibrant traditional sounds, delicious meals, and bright smiles from the people, it’s impossible to feel a minute of boredom.

Galway is home to many Irish language theatres and festivals. You’ll agree it makes sense why the city is regarded as Ireland’s Cultural Heart. The famous Cliffs of Moher could be a great location to start your adventure. After that, you can visit various cruise lines where Galway is an itinerary.

Kigali, Rwanda

Have you heard of the cleanest city in Africa? This is where is spoken about. Rwanda is known for its distinct bars, restaurants, and malls that are best for massive shopping. Moreover, its beautiful mountain gorillas are another attraction point for tourists.

One of the most cherished memories in Rwanda is the Tutsi genocide in 1994. The memorial for this heartbreaking tragedy you’ll find at the town’s center. If you love art, you’ll find different creative works and programs that’ll pique your interest.

When it comes to food, there might be some reflection of doctrinal inclinations. But don’t worry, you can always have this sorted in visited restaurants to enjoy their cuisine.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Formerly known as Ulan Bator, Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia. There’s no doubt you might not want to come here during its brutally freezing winter. But on the flip side, its summers are brightly lit with a brilliant atmosphere radiating the glory of endless grasslands.

There are no precisely tawdry sights per se. However, the density of Soviet flats, residential concrete tower-like blocks, and Buddhist temples are undeniably refreshing.

Ibadan, Nigeria

Let’s take a pretty smooth ride back home. If you asked a Nigerian, especially a Southwesterner, they’d say Ibadan is that ancient city with tons of brown rusty roofs. But are they wrong? Nope!

Being one of the most populated cities in Africa, it also contains precious remnants of the Yoruba people’s past. It comprises large marketplaces notable for swarm-like movements and varieties of sold indigenous fabrics. If you desire to know more about the town’s historical era, you’re certain not to look far before seeing an elderly that’ll indulge you. That might hint at how welcoming and culture-preserving the people are.

Busan, South Korea

You probably belong to folks that know Busan from the famous zombie apocalypse K-drama. Well, that could be a pretty good way to start. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t depict much of how well of a jostling port town it is. You might also not get the satisfaction of fancy beaches in this part of the world. But who says that isn’t adventurous in itself?

A typical nighttime in some fractions of Busan blazes with the jolliness of its people. An example is the Jagalchi Fish Market. And, of course, that’s not something to miss.

Indeed, most underrated cities are mostly overlooked. Not because they have nothing promising to offer. Mind you, the list is more. But for now, we’ll stop here.

Next time you plan a trip abroad, don’t forget to put any of these places on your list. And if you’ve visited any and would like to share your experience, kindly comment below. For other related articles, click here.

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