Train Ride

Slicing cabbages on the kitchen counter, Sefunmi’s subconscious boards a train – “The Reverie”

A cartoon or should we say an anime character, comes into view yelling ” My cabbages! ” distraught at the sight of his trashed stall and his cabbages scattered on the ground while the perpetrators of this destruction in persons of Avatar Aang, Katara and Sokka continue to fight for their lives in a heated battle against Prince Zuko.

A wide smile is plastered on Sefunmi’s face as she thinks about how childhood was so long ago and yet it seems like it was just yesterday. She remembers all those shows that made her childhood one full of laughter. Oh! how she had missed home and longed for the holidays while she was in the boarding school just so she could watch her favorite shows; Avatar: the last air bender, Drake and Josh, Dexter’s laboratory, Ed, Edd and Eddy , I Carly, Victorious and so many more. Those were good times! . Funny how those shows left some questions unanswered , like why was Carly’s mother never mentioned?, What did the goat do to her on her birthday?, What ever happened to Zuko’s mom?. Oh well, we’ll never know. Too bad those shows had to end though, Many of the actors and actresses have moved on to different projects. Ariana Grande for instance who played Cat Valentine , a red haired talented air head in the series “Victorious” is now a big time singer, she’s even the most followed lady on Instagram!. Sefunmi never saw that kind of stardom coming for her, she wasn’t even her favorite character in the series.

A tune starts to play in the train and Sefunmi hums along ” I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it, you like my hair, gee thanks, just bought it, I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” Sefunmi smiles, remembering that the tune was inspired from the sound track “favorite things” in the movie “Sound of music”. Sefunmi loved that movie so much, it had been her favorite movie for a long time when she was in primary school along with “Coming to America”.

The tune in the train suddenly changes and now Sefunmi sings ” Do – a deer, a female deer, Re- a drop of golden sun, Mi- a name I call myself…”. Her stomach rumbles and the train comes to a stop as the doors open, giving her the opportunity to alight, however, she remains seated.
She was in the mood for fruit, it had been a while she ate any, the last time she did ,it was apple slices that served as toppings in the place of strawberries on her mother’s birthday cake. Now though, she was craving mangoes, it was mango season after all, but unfortunately the mango tree at the backyard had decided to go barren this year. Two years ago it produced just one enormous fruit. The year before that, it produced two. Her mother had joked that this year it would produce three.

That’s true!, she has a cute top designed with mango prints that she hasn’t worn before. She would take it with her to school and wear it when lectures resume.

Argh! school, when it resumes, so will excitement, hustle and bustle, late night studying, emotional tugs of war, malnutrition, stress, life, but at least she will get to hang out with friends again. She has really missed that. She wonders if Peter has finally realised that life is too short and would finally ask her out already, it is clear that she holds a special spot in his heart anyway, or should she be the one to ask him out?. Nah, society would tag her as “thirsty”, so much for equality and female empowerment, but then again, some things are best left original.

At least, this break had done her some good, she has been able to connect with God on a deeper level and spend quality time with family. She has discovered so much about herself, she has gained skills, read books and she has grown. It is really great to be grateful for what you have.

“A penny for your thoughts ” Ibukun, her younger sister interrupts, bringing the train to a stop again and this time Sefunmi’s subconscious steps out of the reverie, it appears she has reached her stop. She wonders where the take off point was and where the ride began . Oh yeah.. Cabbages!
She gives Ibukun a smile and replies ” Sweetheart, you will need more than a penny to ride my train of thought”.

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