Trending Owambe Styles

So much has happened that 2020 has felt like 50 years. Y’all would agree with me that the last few months have been an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Well, that rollercoaster took a thrilling lift this last weekend due to the many weddings and introductions that took place and I’m sure you know Nigerian weddings are second to none. They are just so absolutely energetic and beautiful. There were so many weddings left, right and centre, it had us wondering if there are actually any ‘cruise catchers’ at all. While it might be the party Jollof or pounded yam for you, it is the owambe styles for us here in fashion so let’s check out a few of the trending owambe styles. You may consider transforming your next aso ebi into one of these to look superb!

  • Spice up your lace gown or skirt with a tail that could be made from satin, chiffon or the same fabric as your aso ebi. (For foreigners, aso ebi means a cloth or fabric picked to be worn by family and friends for a particular event). The tail can be placed anywhere, it could be on both sides, it could go all round the waist to make the dress look ball-like, it could be on only one side, it could be at the back of the dress, it could be sewed to be part of the dress or it could be made detachable depending on your choice and you will agree with me that this style is really beautiful and elegant.
  • If you are a lover of jumpsuits my dear you can incorporate that style for your aso ebi, you can make it an off-shoulder with lace trimmings as in the picture above, or just get creative and add your own twist, I must say though that a lace jumpsuit and gele ( head tie) look super good!
  • The puffy arm with the tapered end has been trending since last year and has trended for the most part of this year and the reason is not far fetched. It is such a lovely look, the puffy arm gives some air of power, royalty and beauty, absolutely stunning!
  • Stiff fabric such as foam material can be used to make a layered piece like in the image above, it can also be shaped into a huge bow or any other type of design so as to make a statement. You can see in the image above that the gown is quite simple and elegant but it definitely makes a bold statement.

Ladies, if you’re reading this alone call your boo or brother or male friend because guys are not left out today.

  • Gone are the days when kimono was seen as a style only for females because check this out!. You can make a kimono with a fabric that will complement your aso ebi. If your aso ebi is patterned you can use a plain material in the colour circle of your fabric to make the kimono and if the fabric is plain then you can use a patterned material for the kimono. This style is seriously fashionable and we looove to see it!
  • This style of one side of the top being longer than the other has been in trend for some time now and it is absolutely stunning. It is even more captivating when you mix materials, say like make one side plain and the other side patterned. You’ll agree with me that the longer side makes it look like you are dripping and drip like that my dear is eternal.

While we’re still talking about dripping, you can drip in finesse with an Ankara print tuxedo. I mean wearing a normal tuxedo is wonderful enough but when you show up to a Nigerian wedding in an African urban tuxedo, damn! ko wa lo ni height, ko lo perfume to make sense, ko tun lo ni some nice looking beard!, Oh my Lord, Please my dear, come and loot me from my father’s house because I am your palliative.

That’s it for today folks and thanks for reading. I’m seriously in the mood for some party Jollof now though so if you’re attending a wedding ceremony anytime soon, I can be your plus one. Wahala for those of us who no get wedding to attend o.

Till next time,

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