We’ve forgotten how

Remember the days when we were younger,
when our smiles were real,
our laughter genuine,
and we truly loved each other?

We never doubted each other.
Our unwavering faith paved ways for us
and we walked hand in hand
to new adventures,
new experiences,
new places.

Now our journey has led us here.
Though we started together
We’ve drifted apart.

Perhaps our faith was too strong-
so strong that it became a force that pushed us apart?
Or was our optimism too false,
built on a wobbly foundation of blind trust?

I don’t have answers.
You don’t have answers.
We’re both stuck in separate worlds
arms folded,
hearts hardened.
The gap between us widens
yet we stand still, doing nothing.
Not because we don’t want to
but because we’ve forgotten how.

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