Meet Me in the Tallest Building Halfway Between Us

“Meet me in the tallest building halfway between us”
We would meet there
Me in a salmon dress with my dainty clear heels
You in a blazer with a buzzcut
I would get there first
And I would be apprehensive
Because it would be our first meeting.
All of that would dissolve away
When you’d walk into the room
And look my way.
A shy smile would appear on your face
As you would slowly make your way towards me.

“Shall we?”
“Yeah, okay”

You would pull my chair out for me
And sit opposite me.
We would order our meals
And smile again at each other.
The conversation would be shy,
Because we would both be nervous.
Soon, our meals would arrive
And the conversation would flow properly;
Witty banter, honest confessions, sexual tension.

We would leave dinner satisfied
And a little more comfortable with each other.
I would ditch my heels and carry them along
And you’d ditch your shoes too, in the spirit of solidarity
We would chat endlessly
I’d tell you that I loved your glasses
And you’d tell me you were happy we did this
You’d walk me back to my hotel
And drag your feet about leaving.

We would have more conversations
As you would intertwine your fingers with mine
Slowly, you’d lean in and kiss me
It would be my very first kiss
You’d pull away to look at me
And I’d move in to properly kiss you
It would turn into a mini make out
And we’d break apart when we came up for air
We’d say our goodbyes
Promising to do this again,
To follow this road to a destination
I’d walk back to my room
Feeling light as air, my lip gloss all gone
You’d walk back to your hotel
And would daydream about me.

I’d fly back to Nigeria the next day
And you’d go back to London
I’d tell my friends all about you
And you’d tell your family all about me
And thus would begin a ritual of yearly visits
To the tallest building halfway between us
To have dinner and a date
As we pursued the spark between us.

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