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The 35th annual health week of the Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Students’ Association (IFUMSA) kicked off with the Wale Okediran finals between the Stalwarts and Excelsiors with a medical outreach on the 29th of May, 2021, followed by a banging Gender-based rally on the 30th.

Although there were a few tweaks to the aforementioned activities, especially the medical outreach, due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, the traditional order of events has remained the same. So far, these events have gone smoothly and have been largely successful, to say the least.

However, this year’s health week, under the leadership of Akinola Beloved, President of Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Students’ Association (IFUMSA), promises to be a deviation from the norm. Today, the 31st of May, 2021, we will witness the maiden edition of a radio program featuring a mental health advocate, who would be coming on air to enlighten people about gender-based violence and ways to check this social menace in society.

We have with us Ayobolu Osungbade, the would-be anchor of this anticipated maiden radio program, who would be telling us a thing or two about the program.

Q:- What should we expect from the radio program?

A:- I expect that people listening will be aware of what gender-based violence is all about and how this has caused a menace in our society.

Q:- Why is it important to listen to the radio program?

A:- A mental health advocate, Dr. (Mrs) Mapayi, will be coming on air to answer all the questions you have regarding the topic.

Q:- What is the peculiarity of the radio program this year?

A:- It is something that has never happened since the commencement of IFUMSA’s health week and it is a great feat for the association.

Q:- What significant thing do you want us all to learn?

A:- What we must do to stop gender-based violence in our society.

Q:- What is the end goal or what would you like to achieve at the end of the program?

A:- Better informed people making better decisions.

Thank you.

We hope you tune in to this program by 10 am today on Crown FM (101.5). It promises to be enlightening and educative. You’d be glad you did!

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