A Report on IQDC’s Sendforth Ceremony

The send-forth ceremony for the just inducted doctor-members of the IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club (IQDC) took place at the Clinical Skills Lecture Theatre on the 30th of October, 2021. It was the final physical meeting of the doctors with other members of the club after their induction into the medical profession. IFUMSA President, Lolu Akinteye; NiMSA National Technical Director for Infectious and Communicable Diseases, Temitayo Matthew; and other IFUMSites were also present.

It commenced with an opening prayer from the club’s Public Relations Officer, Chukwuma Chukwunonso. This was followed shortly after by a brief welcome speech by Alabi Hammed, the Director of Competitions. He then introduced the latest Doctors who were present; Omolaso Bamise, Omosiate-Ariyo Olayide, Idowu Toluwanimi, Abdulrahman Okene, and Awogboro Olusola. Makinde Opeoluwa, the former Director of Competitions, was absent.

The Doctors were called upon one after the other to narrate their IQDC experiences through medical school. The major highlight of everyone’s points was that IQDC bestowed a sense of responsibility and service while helping them improve academically.

An intra-club debate was held shortly after, clearing the nostalgia in the air. The topic was “The Doctor’s Japa Exodus: Long Run Impact on the Person, Family, and Society, Justifiable or not?” Muoghalu Chinenye, Mbah Emmanuel, Ikotun Taofikat, and Adetoogun Jesutofunmi participated in this event, moderated by the Debate Coordinator, Olofinsao Charity. Chinenye and Taofikat spoke against the motion. Mbah and Jesutofunmi spoke in support of the motion.

The points in favour of the motion were mainly that doctors get to earn better and enjoy a better quality of life than in their homeland. Also, they’re better equipped financially to help their alma mater and other relevant institutions at home. However, the significant points against the motion were that emigrating doctors are cheating the system in that they enjoy cheap education and don’t pay back to the system. Also, the doctors muster extra effort to prove themselves on alien soil, usually against racism. This puts them at a disadvantage compared to natives.

After reciting his citation by the club’s Financial Secretary, Olowoyeye Aishat, Dr. Aderounmu, a Consultant General Surgeon at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex (OAUTHC) and guest speaker at the event, opened the floor with his thrilling and educative speech. He advised that the newly-inducted doctors hone their “soft” skills. Soft skills, he said, are skills that aren’t taught in the classroom. These skills (like communication, leadership, conduct, knowing one’s limit, etc.) would prove to be invaluable in making them wholesome doctors in the long run. He also highlighted the importance of forging strong relationships and networks to make groundbreaking impacts, especially outside their immediate environments. In the same vein, he talked about the Lancet, a virtual compendium of medical journals that medics can access and contribute their quota to. He also urged them to embrace the opportunities therein.

In one last display, a ritual quiz competition was held between the doctors and selected members of the club. These members were Olaoye Mayowa, Kabiawu Yetunde, Falokun Tobi, Joshua Tobi, and Bassey Oku-Princeson. The questions ranged from General Knowledge to General Science, Basic Medical Sciences, and Clinical Sciences. The doctors came from behind to win by two points, the bulk of their points coming from the Clinical section. The final score was 44 points to 42 points.

The keynote speaker, Professor Adesunkanmi, took over after the short quiz. As a man with a lot of experience, he admonished the inductees and the audience in line with the theme. His points gravitated towards the fact that the new doctors should not be driven by money. The love of money could push them to break their oaths and even put them in messy legal problems. He reiterated that medicine is a noble calling and should be embraced as such. He also seemed to be “anti-Japa,” urging the doctors to stay in the country. His reason was that progress in one’s medical career is relatively faster in one’s homeland than abroad, and the impact at home is higher than abroad.

Certificates were presented after the speech to every inductee present. Special awards were also presented to the former President and Quiz Editor, Bamise Omolaso and Olayide Omosiate-Ariyo, respectively. The President of IFUMSA, Lolu Akinteye, rendered the vote of thanks and wrapped up with the closing address. This was followed by a photo session involving everyone who attended, the perfect wrap-up to a memorable event.

We wish our chiefs the best in all their endeavors as they step into another chapter of their lives. Go forth and do exploits! We’re rooting for you!

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