An Interview with Oluwafunmilayo Sopade

Happy to have you today. What’s your name?

I’m Oluwafunmilayo Sopade.

To start with, tell us why you went for medicine and why OAU?

I’m passionate about humanity, l love to help people, and hate to see people suffer, and this purpose finds expression in medicine. 

Why OAU?? I will be sincere. I just liked the school’s name, and then when I read about how great the alumnus is doing in their separate fields of endeavors, it made me feel interested in the school. 

On a serious note, though, I must admit that this school is proud, so also its students 😂 so I wanted to check out what was making them act that way.

How was your registration process? Is there anything you think could have been done better?

The registration process wasn’t good at all. I can’t imagine going to queue for health center registration in the terrible cold by 6:00 A.M. in the morning… it sounds funny, right??

But it wasn’t 😅

The faculty registration was a great one, though. The executives were so nice and accommodating. You guys were absolutely great. It was enjoyable and stress-free. 

Were you at the novelty match? What do you have to say about it?

No, I wasn’t because I’m not a fan of football, but it was great from the report I heard from my colleagues. It actually served as a means to show love and meet new people. 

Nice one💕

Describe IFUMSA in one word


Describe your mountaineering experience.

It was so great. It’s a good memory I will keep in my heart forever. 

How’s your OAU experience so far?

It’s nice and stressful. This school can make you feel like you came here to be punished. But it’s really a beautiful environment to study in. 

If not medicine, what else?

Probably, Physiotherapy…

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