Reports: IFUMSA EES ’22 – Day 1

The first day of the 2nd IFUMSA Economic and Entrepreneurial Summit will be forever immortalized in the hearts of many as nothing short of an epoch event befitting any future-forward association such as IFUMSA. 

The program, which had its maiden edition in 2020 with the theme: Entrepreneurship: a Panacea to Sustainable  Development, was born out of a desire to see medical students well equipped and dominating the entrepreneurial space. And the continuity of this program is evidence of IFUMSA’s commitment to the development of its members.

The program officially began with an opening address by the Quintessential President, Akinteye Akinlolu. Following this, the various dignitaries present were acknowledged and appreciated in persons of The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mrs. Babalola, The Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Prof O.A Sowande, Prof. John Okeniyi, and the keynote speakers Barr. Jimoh Ibrahim, ably represented by the acting Head of Department of History, Dr. Solomon Okajare, Mr. Melvin representing Dr. Arinze Madueke, and Mr. Babtunde Akin Moses.

The Dean of the Faculty and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof Mrs. Babalola, commended the efforts of the IFUMSA executives towards the organization of the program. Prof. Babalola further mentioned that this initiative is part of the vision of the current Vice-Chancellor to ensure that every student of OAU graduates with a skill of some sort. She further encouraged all present to be innovative and think about problems they can solve around them, making them better professionals and doctors.

Mr. Babatunde Akin Moses, the CEO of Sycamore, delivered the first keynote speech on Attracting Funding for Your Business. He showcased various options available to both traditional businesses and start-up owners in securing funds when needed. He further emphasized the importance of networking as a tool to leverage.

Next, Barr. Jimoh Ibrahim, an ardent lover of education, also in an insightful session spoke about opportunities that Medical students could make use of to become valuable in the international space. The association awarded him for his numerous meritorious contributions to the university, and his plaque was received on his behalf by Dr. Solomon Okajare.

The pitching competition was nothing short of the icing on the cake, providing the right amount of tension and rapt attention from the crowd as seven finalists proceeded to fight for the prize sum to scale up their businesses. While the judges collated the results, the Student Panel session further scintillantly showcased some of the brilliant minds the association possessed in its coffers, the ones chasing both the degree and the “bags.”

Everyone could not withhold emotions as the winners of the competition were announced and cheered as follows: 

  • Second Runner up, Okanlawon Tomiwa of Selah Signatures, a member of the Exypnos Medicos Class (Part 4 New)

  • First Runner Up, Moses Oke Ideraoluwa Onome, CEO of Ivy Cup, also a member of the Exypnos Medicos class

  • Winner, Olawale Success Divine, of Uniconne, a member of the UNICUS Medicus class (part 3)

With the first day of this very impactful program being nothing short of top-notch, you can only wonder how awesome and loaded the remaining days would be. 

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