Fellow! To Please Everyone?

To the fellow who wishes to please everyone,

And their pleas he buys with no room for bye:


With the brilliant stars the night came,

elegant like demoiselle, to herald the bright full moon.

Everyone is to bear witness including the ant,

To the moon’s radiance, but none

Complained, except the sundials, and diurnals.

In a bid to please, the night cracked(itself),

With a bellow, it rolled out the dawn,

Then, the morning in an unmatched brilliance,

Came with the more radiant sun as its navel, and yet,

The nocturnals bellicosely complained about its radiance,

And the diurnals, of its scorch.

The morning, unto the complaints, hearkened,

Bellowsed(itself) like the night, and brought the twilight.

And yet, again the noturnals complained:

‘How soon! The night comes’

And the diurnals:

‘How soon! The morning lost its brightness’

To the fellow who wishes to please every one,

And their pleas he buys with no room for bye:


Life is a symphonic orchestra,

However, chaotic, (it is) not Brownian, but orderly.

The harmony of life’s chaos births the cosmos,

Not the omnipresence of the microcosmic constituents.

Not everyone can be pleased,

But all pleas can be harmonized.

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