It’s in the Details


Sweet communion with the Father of all spirits and the Creator of the world.

The refreshing feel of cold water from the shower head drenching his skin on such a hot day.

The cosy feel of the loose fitting cotton t- shirt on his back.

Mouth-watering pancakes stacked high, dripping with maple syrup and a variety of berries as toppings

The full, rich, and divine taste of the coffee in a mug at hand


The soft and warm sensation of the sand between his toes as he walks on the beach.
The thrill of being swept off his feet by the waves of the sea.
The joy of hearing the euphoric screams and giggles from his two children as they chase and tickle each other.
The excitement that comes with feeling the kick from the growing baby in his wife’s protruded belly.

At night…

The satisfaction of laying in the lush green grass staring at the dazzling array of stars in the sky.
The warmth of the embrace from his dear wife and the scent of her raspberry shampoo wafting into his nostrils.

And now…

Staring into her coffee brown eyes, he recalls the sublime taste of the coffee he had in the morning and he immediately wonders if her lips would exude that same sublimity, he knows for a fact it will and he leans in for a long drink.

Eleven years ago, all this would have felt mundane, a day like this would have seemed just like the others and would have felt like going through the motions but after spending a miserable decade in a cell where the only constant luxury was a tiny ray of sunlight spared into the room in the day by the only window and substituted at night with moonlight ,he realized just how enchanting everyday spent in freedom and well-being can be.

He realized that this life is indeed magical and that the magic is embedded in the details. It’s in moments spent with family and friends. It’s in the taste of food. It’s in the random and daily occurrences that in one way or another brings forth a sensation of love, joy, peace, wholeness, fulfilment, and well-being. It’s in everything, and from now on he would live everyday in awe and appreciation of it.

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