IHAC Outreach for the 35th Annual IFUMSA Health Week

It is with much pomp and fest that the 35th annual health week of the Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Students’ Association (IFUMSA) begins. The events to take place are highly anticipated due to the long interval that elapsed from the last, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As tradition would have it, the IFUMSA health awareness club (IHAC) would be in charge of an outreach, which makes up one of the major highlights of the health week.

The last health week, which held in 2019 under the leadership of Dr Agbaje Tosin, the former president, was indeed a successful one. An outreach to Ipetumodu took place, marking the second day of the week’s events alongside a blood drive at White House and both events had a huge turnout.

A lot of students at the blood drive got tested for hepatitis b and c and got sensitised by the club members about what to do if they turned out to be positive. At Ipetumodu, the medical team carried out a lot of activities. A lipoma excision surgery was also performed, including free cervical screening for women above 20, alongside general screening for malaria, blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI.

The outreach to be held tomorrow, Saturday, May 29, promises to be even more successful. We have with us the current deputy chairman of IHAC, Miss Faith Orji, who would be enlightening us on a few things to take note of for tomorrow’s outreach.

What should we expect?

You should expect the IHAC Team to deliver the quality services that we are known for.

Any peculiarity to this year’s outreach?

There are no significant changes to this year’s outreach. It is still the basic things we have always done as a club that would be done tomorrow. However, we could have done more, but due to factors beyond our control, we have to make use of what we have on ground.

What makes this year’s outreach significant and different from others?

This year’s outreach is significant from the others in that it will not involve some tests we always perform such as blood glucose due to the presenting restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of the outreach what do you want achieved?

At the end of this outreach, we hope to spread more awareness about the importance of good health and routine medical checkup.

Any other comments you would like to make?

IHAC, a very active club of IFUMSA will always be ready to give what it takes in order to improve the quality of lives of individuals in our society. Thank you for having us.

A pleasure ma’am.

We hope to see you there tomorrow! Also ensure to be at the other events of the health week. IFUMSA promises to blow your mind!

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