Interview with Adeleke Stephen – Candidate for the Office of the Director of Sports, IFUMSA 2023 Elections

In the spirit of the upcoming IFUMSA elections, MediVoice is committed to bringing you vital news ensuing in this pivotal period. Consequently, here is our interview with the Director of Sports aspirant:

MediVoice: Hello, can you introduce yourself to IFUMSAites?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): I’m Stephen Oluwatobi Adeleke from Part 4 B(Unicus Medicos) aspiring to become the next Director of Sports. I’m a lover of Sports.

MediVoice: What are your core values?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): Equality for all and Togetherness

MediVoice: Why do you aspire to become the next Director Of Sports of IFUMSA?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): My strong Passion for Sports is a major reason why I aspire to be the next Director of Sports. The office of the Director of Sport will serve as an opportunity for me to channel my passion to bring an all inclusive and active sporting event to our association. Also I’ll like to enhance our current activities at IFUMSA Sports, by creating new opportunities and improve existing events.

MediVoice: Tell us about your experience as an athlete that makes you worth the vote of every IFUMSAite.

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): I’ve served at the sport committee for about 3 years. I’m a member of the faculty team. I’m also the goalkeeper for my class.

MediVoice: What’s your definition of “success” in athletics?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): Success in athletics means getting everyone, irrespective of their skills to work together to achieve a common goal.

MediVoice: Have you had any prior leadership responsibility as an athlete? Enlighten us on how you delivered.

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): Yes. During the last IFUMSA Olympics, I anchored and coordinated some competitions such as the E-Football Tournament and the Chess Competition.

MediVoice: What are your primary goals in office?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant):

1. Enhancing the sporting events which include having a group staged Wale Okediran Competition.

2. Organizing successful events such as the Female Football Match and IFUMSA Super Cup which is a Match between the winner of the IFUMSA Football League and the Wale Okediran Competition.

3. Promoting the overall fitness of everyone in the association.

4. Making sure each classes are well represented in the decision making process of the Sport Committee.

MediVoice: What are your strategies for promoting active involvement of the average IFUMSAite in athletic events and activities?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): I will first ensure proper awareness by circulating publicity, especially through flyers. Additionally, I will make sure that each class has strong representation at the Sport Committee, where they will serve as the link between the Sport Committee and their respective classes. Finally, I will ensure flexible scheduling of events, considering the busy academic schedule.

MediVoice: If entrusted with the position of Director of Sports, what do you plan to do different from the previous administration?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): I’ll make sure our events are conducted earlier during the session so as to overcome the challenge of the difference between the academic calendar of the pre-clinical and clinical classes.

MediVoice: What do you anticipate could be the greatest challenge to achieving your goals in office, and how do you plan to combat them?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): Unavailability of funds. I plan to combat them by making sure we have a committee which will be in charge of fund raising. Contributions by committee members would also play a very important role.

MediVoice: You claimed to have worked in the Sports committee, during the last tenure. That seems like a job that’ll require a lot of team work in order to bring about any success. How did you get along with the other members of the Sports Committee?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): We all had a common goal which was to work with the Director of Sports to achieve a successful sporting event during the tenure. With that goal in mind, I participated actively in decision making processes and also volunteered when necessary.

MediVoice: Are you confident of their endorsement of your aspirations?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): Yes, I’m Confident.

MediVoice: Would you like to say anything to IFUMSAites?

Adeleke Stephen (DOS Aspirant): Yes. With Unity we can achieve anything.

This is all from the DOS aspirant for now. Stay tuned for more!

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