A Quintessential Move

Quintessential - representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.

“…But how are we going to do it if we are not all together? If we are not standing together? If we are not acting together? And if we are not purposely interested in the progress of each and every one of us?…”

Lolu Akinteye, 2021

‘Lolu Akinteye, the first candidate to indicate interest in occupying the office of the President for IFUMSA, met with the Exypnos Medicos class on Wednesday, 30th of June, to discuss his aspirations. MediVoice approached the class members to get their opinion on his campaign so far with the questions below.

1. Do you think ‘Lolu Akinteye is capable of leading IFUMSA into a quintessential era? If yes, why?

2. If he was able to make every wish come true, what would you like to see implemented in IFUMSA?

1. I think so. He delivered in the past as IFUMSA AGS and from all indications, he’s ready to deliver again.
2. I would like to see him make IFUMSA more inclusive for all members. Previous administrations have tried but IFUMSITES are becoming more apathetic towards IFUMSA’s politics. He should try and bring more Ifumsites into committees and positions instead of the same set of people.

He is our guy.

1. Yes. From the meet up he had with us yesterday, it is clear that he has a “you” agenda and not just a “me” agenda. It’s so amazing that a presidential candidate would receive his manifesto from the people. Fantastic, to say the least.
2. Improved academic structure and student welfare.

1.  Yes.
2. I liked the part he talked about the practicality of what we were being taught in class. I’m looking forward to that.

1. Yes. He’s experienced and has shown his heart desire. I’ll trust a sincere man.
2. Harmattan break 😭😭😭. We need to catch cruise too na. Let’s chill small and enjoy College! Just on a light mood😂.
I look forward to seeing the logo of IFUMSA as a pacesetter internationally. We take the bar higher. We should work hand in hand to get better.

Yes, he is capable. He displayed such a great feat while he was AGS.
Also, I believe Lolu is a man of action and not just words. I believe he can.

1. Yes, I think he has proven himself in different leadership capacities, the presidency should be no different.
2. Rather than just a body that’s mostly known during the glamorous health week, it’d be nice if IFUMSA actually fought for bearable student academic welfare for a change.

1. Yes, I think Lolu Akinteye is capable of leading IFUMSA. He was the AGS when I joined the association as a freshman, I enjoyed the tenure, he did a really good job in welcoming us to the association. Also, he has been an active member of the association since he was a freshman. He has served with past presidents, so I strongly believe he’d do a great Job being the president of IFUMSA
2. I don’t know if this is in his power as IFUMSA president, but since you asked, I would want a restructuring of the preclinical arm of the department, the association should be more involved in the troubles of its preclinical arm. From the lecturers’ attitude to teaching, the class schedules, the in-course dates, and the speed at which some lecturers drop their materials. All of these really need to be attended to.

1. I believe he is capable of leading IFUMSA because he has proved himself worthy of the post in the past.
2. I would like to see holiday programs for IFUMSITES that teach us the basic practical aspects of Medicine.

1. Yes. Because experience has a great role in quality leadership, Lolu Akinteye has distinguished himself as the most experienced amongst his peers and contemporaries. Besides, he has learned the ropes from the beginning, starting as Class Rep, joining the SRB, becoming IFUMSA AGS, and becoming a NiMSA National Executive.
2. Nil.

1. Yes, I sure likely stan ‘Lolu Akinteye. First, because of his past glories. Honestly, he has a record with us, of being an amazing person and AGS. He was so nice during his time with us as AGS, he really cared for us — extraordinarily friendly, and I see him as capable.
2. I’d say he should continue with the legacy we already have, the current IFUMSA we have now, is the one we wish for, at least I do.
So I feel he’d do better carrying on with the legacy already running.

Yes. He has a track record of true leadership and character.

1. Yes, I believe he has already proven his capability as a responsible and heedful leader during his tenure as the AGS and he is mature enough to lead the entire organization. Also, I agree with his drive and mission in creating a unified community of medical students in IFUMSA.
2. I feel there should be a removal of the classified status of our past questions. If it is possible to adopt the system that other departments employ where they release the questions for the students after the exams have been written.

1. Yes, I do. Not really close to him, but with the little I know of him while he was the AGS, he tried to build a good relationship with virtually every one of his “followers”. This, I believe is an important virtue to foster great development in a democratic setting.
2. Going by what he projected in a meeting with the Exypnos class, IFUMSA would seem as though every member rules it. –Faozan

With that, we launch our reports of all the exciting drama that comes with every IFUMSA Election. With our Voice, we aim to make sure all candidates have their campaign songs heard at every turn. Never will it be again that you, a candidate, can't have your good promises passed across to the ends of the association. So, come all out. We are listening. We are watching. And to all IFUMSITEs, as always, we are here to provide you with undiluted reports of the election drama as it unfolds. Stay tuned!

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