At the feet of the Gallows

Hopelessness, void, a world of pain

Can this life end and the next begin?

“Why wait for it to end?, just take it yourself.

The next one will be vibrant, merry and swell.”

Where did that voice come from?

It didn’t matter, for it had activated ignition and the vehicle of doom was already in motion.

A mindless zombie headed for the abyss

It called to him like the flame does to the moth

At the feet of the gallows, he felt an unease

A flood of fears, doubts and second thoughts.

” Do it and you will be at peace, you will be reborn to a world full of bliss “

Gasping for air, he hoped to see the light but all he saw was overwhelming darkness ,a very gruesome sight.

Suddenly, he was enveloped by a blinding light.

Helping him down from the gallows was a saviour in glorious white!

” who are you? ” the words barely escaped.

“I am the way, the truth and the life” his saviour explained.

He stretched out his hand with a hole in his palm

” It is alright dear one, be still and be calm

The life that I give transcends this earth

Take my hand, follow me and experience REBIRTH “.

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